is urine yellow a bad liver?

The harm that hepatitis brings to the patient is very big, what is the early symptom of hepatitis? How can we diagnose the disease of hepatitis by symptom? The early symptoms of hepatitis are mainly as follows:


What are the early symptoms of hepatitis?

1, anorexia, nausea and oil:

This is the majority of hepatitis patients have symptoms, especially in patients with jaundice hepatitis is more serious. The liver is the largest “chemical plant” in the body, which participates in all metabolic processes in the human body. Secretion of bile is one of the important functions of bile salt in the absorption and digestion of fat plays an important role. After the patient is suffering from hepatitis, because the hepatitis virus induces the liver cell massive destruction, secretion of bile function to reduce, thus affecting the digestion of fat, so will appear tired of oil food, when the stomach intestine congestion, edema, peristalsis weakened, gastrointestinal dysfunction and other symptoms, and then affect the patient’s food digestion and absorption, so will lead to patients with anorexia, Nausea, greasy and nasty sexually transmitted diseases toxic hepatitis produces anorexia and other symptoms.

2, Fever:

Acute jaundice hepatitis in the early days often fever, more in 37. 5-38. 5 degrees Celsius, the high fever is rare, generally lasts 3-5 days, and no jaundice hepatitis people hair is far lower than the yellow necrosis type hepatitis. Many patients with fever also accompanied by systemic discomfort, loss of appetite, mistaken for a cold . A large number of patients with jaundice hepatitis, often in the hospital outpatient treatment by the cold, 3-5 days after the appearance of yellow gangrene was diagnosed, this is the lack of recognition of symptoms of hepatitis fever. The cause of fever may be liver cell necrosis, liver dysfunction, detoxification excretion function reduction or viral blood disease.

3, urine Huang:

  Jaundice Hepatitis A normal condition, the human body’s red blood cell life is 120 days, destroyed red blood cells will release hemoglobin, after a series of catabolism, become yellow matter called bilirubin. Because the hepatitis virus causes the liver cell destruction, affects the bilirubin the metabolism, causes the bilirubin to enter the blood to increase, after the urine discharges the body to increase normally, therefore the urine color deepens. The more yellow the color of urine, the more liver cell destruction, the better the urine color gradually return to normal.

4, Exhaustion:

This is one of the early manifestations of hepatitis patients. Patients often say when the disease, its performance is not the same, light people do not love activities, the heavy bedridden, even wash their face, eat do not love to do. Despite full rest, fatigue can not be eliminated, serious people as if the limbs and body separation. The main reason for these symptoms is the lack of appetite in patients with hepatitis, digestive and absorption disorders, resulting in a lack of energy in the human body, followed by the virus caused by liver cell destruction, so that their liver production and storage of glycogen reduction, in addition to lack of vitamins, electrolyte disorders and liver cell destruction caused by the loss of blood choline esterase, affecting the nerves, The normal function of muscle, resulting in the lack of the whole body.

5. Pain in the liver region:

Hepatitis patients often complained that the liver pain, involving the right upper abdomen or right back, varying degrees of pain, some hepatitis patients with pain, blunt pain or needle-like pains, activities intensified, and different time, sometimes the left side of the pain relief. The main reason for this symptom is the liver enlargement caused by hepatitis virus, the increase of the membrane tension of the liver, inflammation and the ligament of the liver and the surrounding of the new weaving, and also the virus often affects the gallbladder and biliary system, causing the gallbladder, and its surrounding inflammation.

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