How to bask in the sun? Experts teach you how to get calcium in the sun.

Sun is regarded as the main source of vitamin D, the body more than 90% of the vitamin D from sunlight, very few dietary vitamin D levels, less vitamin D levels in traditional Chinese food, so it is necessary to increase the sunlight. How to bask in the sun, this is still a technical work.


Grasp the time

In the sun’s main purpose is to make the skin to accept the sun ultraviolet radiation for synthesis of vitamin D, vitamin D production speed depends on many factors, including color, body surface irradiation area, the sun body Angle (stand up or lay down), age (with the increase of age, the production efficiency to reduce). Only uv index is more than 3 to produce vitamin D, the best time to synthesize vitamin D at 10 PM and 2 PM, the ultraviolet (uv) light point-blank, shadow is short in height, the sun will be best at this time, only in the morning and evening sunshine UVA, excluding UVB, so can’t synthesize vitamin D, easy to make the skin to become old.

Grasp strength and time.

Excessive uv exposure not only darkens the skin, but also makes the skin older and increases the risk of skin cancer. How to grasp the time should be individualized, according to the different skin color, age, skin color slants black people and obese people need more than twice the time, Beijing is located in 39-41 degrees north latitude, in November to February almost can’t synthesize vitamin D. From march to may and October, you need 30 to 60 minutes of light, and between June and August, you need 20 to 45 minutes of light. If the daily sun 5-10 minutes you can gain 1000 iu of vitamin D, its premise is the young, white, no fat, in the summer,, fully exposed to the body, and lie down at noon sun, and not wearing sunscreen, thus speculate that 12 noon in the summer, to wear short-sleeved shorts yellow from Beijing, 1000 iu of vitamin D synthesis may need 20 to 30 minutes, and in the spring and autumn season wearing long-sleeved clothes, need 1 to 2 hours to 1000 iu of vitamin D synthesis.

Clothing should be few

The larger the area of skin exposure, the more vitamin D is synthesized, so there is as little clothing as possible in the environment. In fact, even when the ambient temperature is low, the body can even sweat after exposure to sunlight.

Pay attention to the protection

Ultraviolet ray in sunshine too will also increase the risk of developing cataracts occur, so the sunshine when wearing a pair of dark glasses or wear a hat to keep out light illuminate eye, if women don’t want to face tanned, can cover the face. If you want to increase the amount of sunbathing, you need to put on sunscreen after a few minutes to protect your skin from the sun.

In the open air

Due to the low temperature outside, and sometimes windy, the elderly activity ability is poor, some people like the sunshine in the house across the glass, though separated by glass also can feel warm, but the UVB window blocking the synthesis of vitamin D, reach the purpose of the synthesis of vitamin D.

Pay attention to the filling water

After sun exposure, skin and subcutaneous tissue blood flow can significantly increase, coupled with heat sweating increases, accordingly the blood relatively insufficient effective blood volume, easy to cause dehydration even syncope, especially the frail elderly, need to keep hydrated, avoid dehydration.

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