Can pregnant women eat salted eggs?

The good news is that according to our research, pregnant women can eat salted eggs properly, but this does not mean that you can eat salted eggs without restriction.

Here are our reasons.


Pregnant women can eat salted eggs in moderation

Salted duck egg is an edible egg pickled with fresh eggs. It is unique in flavor and convenient to eat, so it is loved by people.

Salted eggs also have relatively high nutritional value, which is rich in fat, protein, various amino acids necessary for human body, and various trace elements such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc., and these elements are easily absorbed by human body.

The yolk of salted duck eggs contains a large amount of red and yellow vitellogenin and carotene, and is dissolved with egg butter, so the red and yellow we see will appear.

Oil from salted eggs is a sign that salted eggs have been pickled.

During the pickling process of duck eggs, minerals will not suffer great damage.

Pregnant women can eat salted eggs in an appropriate amount, which can help pregnant women supplement balanced nutritional elements and help prevent anorexia during pregnancy (due to its unique taste).

When people eat salted duck eggs, they prefer salted egg yolk, but the cholesterol content in salted duck egg yolk is very high.

If you eat too much salted duck egg yolk, you may cause hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, attention should be paid to controlling the intake of salted duck eggs.

Side effects of pregnant women eating salted eggs

Pregnant women should be careful to eat salted duck eggs and other pickled food, if you want to eat, also should pay attention to a small amount.

During pregnancy, the estrogen level in pregnant women increases with the increase of pregnancy months.

Estrogen can promote excessive water and salt retention in the body.

If the pregnant woman does not eat properly, it is easy to cause edema of the pregnant woman.

Each salted egg contains more than 10 grams of salt, while the human body needs about 5-8 grams of salt every day.

It can be seen that the salt contained in a salted egg has exceeded the daily needs of pregnant women.

In addition to salted eggs, pregnant women also need to eat foods containing sodium every day so that the intake of salt far exceeds the needs of the body.

In the human body, salt and water are twin sisters: too much salt will cause thirst and will inevitably consume a lot of water.

Water and salt accumulate in the body, exceeding the excretion capacity of the kidney, resulting in high edema of pregnant women.

Our suggestion

Although pregnant women can eat salted eggs, it is better to eat half a salted egg at a time so as to prevent excessive salt intake.

If you eat too many salted eggs, edema or other problems may occur.

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