Can pregnant women eat salted eggs?

Pregnant women carefully eat salted eggs.


Salted egg usually refers to is the fresh duck eggs as the main raw material and through pickled remakes eggs, nutrition is rich, rich in fat, protein and human body needs many kinds of amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements.

Proper eating of salted eggs can prevent anemia, good for bone development, clear heat and fire, prevent diarrhea, improve eyesight, reduce eye fatigue, prevent myopia, and so on. However, pregnant women are not advised to eat more salted eggs.

Pregnant women eat salted eggs: there is too much salt in the salted eggs, and the estrogen in pregnant women causes the salt to remain in the body, leading to edema. Eating salted eggs can also lead to reduced blood supply to the fetus, resulting in fetal hypoxia. So pregnant women do not eat salted eggs.

Side effects of pregnant women eating salted eggs

Pregnant women should carefully eat salted duck eggs, such as marinated foods, if you want to eat, also pay attention to a small amount. During pregnancy, estrogen in pregnant women increases with the increase of pregnancy month. Estrogen has the effect of promoting excessive retention of water and salt in the body. If the pregnant woman is not eating properly, it is easy to cause edema in pregnant women.

Each salted egg contains more than 10 grams of salt, while the body needs about 5-8 grams of salt per day. It can be seen that the salt contained in a salted egg has exceeded the daily requirement of pregnant women. In addition to salted eggs, pregnant women also need to eat salty food every day, so that the salt intake far exceeds the body’s needs. In the human body, salt and water are a pair of twin sisters. Too much salt can cause thirst. Inevitably, a large amount of water is consumed. Water and salt accumulate in the body and exceed the ability of the kidney to excrete, resulting in high edema in pregnant women.

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