Winter a cold knee pain, cause knee pain is what?

Knee pain occurs, especially in the winter, people tend to judge this as arthritis, in fact, there are many reasons for knee pain, in addition to the pain caused by joint disease, there is an easy to ignore the reason.


The average knee temperature is lower than the rest of the body, it is difficult to feel in the summer, but in the winter it is particularly easy to feel that joint long cold and large temperature difference is the main cause of pain. Alternating hot and cold season, a sudden reduction in the temperature of people to prevent, but also to prevent the knee, resulting in muscle and blood vessels contraction, causing knee pain. Persistent hypothermia can also cause knee pain, after all, the knee temperature is relatively low. This kind of situation must pay attention to keep warm, at night before going to bed can use hot compress method. Also have to reduce the amount of exercise, the exercise will increase the burden of the knee, so to stop the exercise to let the knee rest.


If it is long-term pain, it may be caused by knee cold inflammation, can take nonsteroidal analgesic drug treatment to see, usually can be more than supplement calcium.

Rheumatism is also easy in the winter pain, rheumatism can take cupping method, there is a suction type negative pressure cupping, but no cupping effect is good, so or recommend cupping method, usually also pay attention to the knee warm.


If warm hot compress can not alleviate the problem of knee pain, it is necessary to consider the cause of the knee injury. More common is the knee ligament injury, because the knee ligament bending stability is poor, at this time if the external force caused Varus or valgus, then will lead to knee ligament injury, then the knee pain is inevitable, ligament damage will be a good convalescence, not hot compress can be solved, This degree still need to go to the hospital treatment compare insurance.

Knee pain There are many reasons, here is only a small part, we must find out the cause of their own knee pain, in order to remedy the case, in addition, the winter to pay attention to the knee is always right.

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