Who will pay for Park Geun-hye ‘s medical treatment because of her illness?

Former South Korean President Park in the morning of May 9 to visit the Southern Virgin Hospital in Seoul Risha. The news was reported, South Korean netizens have questioned “who out of medical care?” 


South Korea’s East Asia Daily says Ms. Park has medical parole several times before. In July 2017 and August, she went to Seoul’s Notre Dame Hospital in the name of toe pain and low back pain.Since then, Ms. Park has been treated in the Seoul detention center for low back pain. In October 2017, Ms. Park’s former lawyer, Liu Yongxiazeng, replaced her with a 2.4 million won (about 14,100 yuan) in Seoul’s mother’s Hospital, which was deducted from Ms. Park’s personal Hing gold in July.

According to the laws of South Korea, the host can ask outside doctors to enter the detention center for their own treatment, but the cost of my own commitment. In addition, Seoul detention related sources said that park medical parole is a general treatment.

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