White hair “pull 1 root 10”?

With the increasing competition pressure in modern society, people’s working rhythm is also accelerating, many people are troubled by white hair.

So, what causes the hair to turn white? Scientific research shows that there are many factors leading to white hair, everyone is different, only to find the cause of their hair white, can fundamentally improve the situation of hair white.

Also often hear people say, white hair pull a long 10 root. So, is there a scientific basis for this statement? Today, we will bring you to the detailed chat!

Is it accurate to pull a 10-root claim?

It is often said that white hair can not be pulled, because “pull a long 10”. The truth is: Under normal circumstances, the number of hair in the scalp is actually in the shape of the birth period, the average person has about 100,000 hairs. As the age increases, the hair follicle will decrease, the newborn density is 1135/cm2,20-30 years old 615/cm2,30-50 years old for 485/cm2,70-80 years old only for 435/cm2, this is also the reason for the thinning of the elderly.

The growth period of hair is divided into growing period, retreat departure and repose time. The growth period of the hair is 4-6 years, the retreat departure is 2-3 weeks, the repose is about 3 months. Each hair has its own growth cycle, and unplugging white hair only shortens the lifespan of the white hair and may grow new white hairs in the hair follicle.

To sum up, it is unscientific to draw a 10-root claim. Although unplug white hair will not be longer and more, but the hair will be removed to damage hair root, serious will lead to skin inflammation.

The physiological mechanism of white hair

White hair refers to all or part of the white hair, because the hair medulla and cortex melanin particles reduced or by air, the reasons for the congenital and acquired two. Congenital white hair often has familial genetic correlation. Acquired white hair is mainly senile white hair and juvenile white hair.

Under normal circumstances, the hair nipple has rich blood vessels, for the hair nipple, the Wool Ball department provides the sufficient nutrition, the melanin particle then smoothly synthesize. When the melanin particles in the hair nipple, the formation of the fur ball barrier, or although the formation of some factors, can not be transported to the hair, so that the hair medulla, cortical parts of the melanin particles reduced, disappeared, there will be white hair.

What are the reasons for the formation of white hair?

1. Genetic factors

Adolescent white hair occurs in children and adolescents, often family history, in addition to increasing white hair, does not affect health.

2. Disease factors

pituitary function drops, hyperthyroidism and other endocrine disorders, plant neurological dysfunction, mental illness, head skin and other diseases, can lead to the formation of white hair.

3. Lack of nutrition

Scientific research found that the lack of vitamin BL, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 is also a major cause of Shaobaito. Research shows that lack of protein and high levels of malnutrition is one of the reasons for early birth of white hair, the lack of certain trace elements, such as copper, iron, can also cause hair to become white.

4, work or life pressure

As the saying goes, “Smile ten young, worry a white head.” Modern people work and life pressure, easy to stress, emotional depression, long-term lack of sleep and thinking over and so on, resulting in brain excessive neurasthenia , low immunity, digestive system disorders, etc., resulting in early white hair.

5. Lack of movement

Long-term lack of exercise affects the blood circulatory system function. If the blood arrives at less than every corner of the scalp, the melanin cells are hard to work and cause hair to become white.

How to prevent white hair?

1. Keep optimistic and stay away from anxiety

A positive attitude towards life and a happy mood will help the hair to be black and rhyme. If every day worry, worry, anxiety, it may cause hair loss , the longer the anxiety depression, hair loss will quickly accelerate. No matter how busy the work is, suggest to keep a happy mood.

2. Treatment of diseases

Active treatment causes hair from black to white related diseases.

3. Strengthen nutrition

In the diet should pay attention to the intake of vitamin E that is rich in promoting metabolism, B vitamins, niacin, and iron and copper and other food, recommended high protein components of fish and animal liver, eggs, black fungus, kelp, soybeans, sesame paste, shrimp and crab, nuts and so on. At the same time, should pay attention to maintain a balanced nutrition, eat less spicy, greasy, fried and other food, avoid excessive intake of sugar, oil, salt and so on.

4, reasonable shampoo and comb hair

Wash Hair 2-3 times a week, the water temperature does not need to be too high, close to body temperature. Do not use a strong degreasing or alkaline shampoo, as this kind of shampoo degreasing and dehydration are very strong, easy to dry hair, scalp necrosis. Diligent combing is also a kind of physical massage method, can speed up the local blood circulation of the hair follicle, make the pigment cell nutrition of the fur ball department improves, is advantageous to the secretion of melanin.

5, proper exercise, adequate sleep

It is recommended to spend at least half an hour each day exercising. Enough sleep can also promote normal metabolism of hair and skin, while evening is the best time for metabolism, especially between 11 o’clock and one o’clock in the morning in the evening.

6. To avoid damage

Dyed hair and perm can cause damage to the hairs. Recommended hair, perm interval between 3-6 months. In particular, white-haired patients, should be timely to the regular hospital, clear the cause of the disease, to prevent the hope of prevention.

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