Where does the human body have the most bacteria?

Bacteria can cause disease, many people have ears, and our body surface is actually covered with a layer of bacteria, what bacteria, can cause disease?

According to foxnews.com, the national institutes of health has mapped the species of fungi lurking on the surface of human skin. It turns out that the fungus is the most diverse in the heel, with the lowest number of fungi in the chest and abdomen, and the most physically active. So what does all this have to do with our health?


The heel fungus is many but not pathogenic.

Heel and toe and toe fungus species on the web is the most, including marla color bacteria genera, aspergillus species, cryptococcus, red yeast and bacteria attached and so on, but the heel is distributed more than 80 kinds of fungi.

But you’d be wrong to think that the heel is the dirtiest place. Because the fungus of heel is many kinds, but most do not cause a person to become ill. They most not exist in the form of fungal pathogenesis, heel is take the form of spore fungus, like bacteria, the son of their relatively small size, like a worm chrysalis, wrapped in the shell, does not cause disease, but if is grown hyphae there will be a hazard.

Germs love to hide gaps.

Most of the fungi that cause the disease are tucked in the toes, fingers, armpits, and thighs. These pathogenic fungi include dermatophytes, yeasts, fungi, etc. The most common malassezia in the body is also a kind of yeast. These fungi, under warm and moist conditions, are easy to grow into mycelium, which forms a harmful form of the human body.

Where we have a fold on the body or is the place with bad because love sweating, and breathe freely, it is easy to satisfy these pathogenic bacterial growth conditions, in addition there are covered with hair, scalp is also prone to infection. Due to the hot and humid summer, it is also the high season of fungal infection.

On our dermatology clinics, and about 15% ~ 20% of all patients with fungal infection causes symptoms, tinea capitis is called on medicine, tinea manuum, tinea, tinea, ringworm of the body, or what we commonly known as circle of beriberi, luck, ringworm, etc., these patients can appear different degrees of itching, skin peeling, blister, decay and other symptoms.

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