Where did crohn come from?

The exact cause of crohn’s disease is unclear.

“Crohn’s disease” sounds like a mouthful, and if you’re not a professional, you probably don’t hear about it. It is an inflammatory disease of the whole digestive tract, from the mouth to the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine to the anus, all can develop. The target organ of crohn’s disease is the alimentary canal, but the most common part of the problem is the terminal of the ileum and the junction of the large intestine, the ileum and the cecum.

Crohn’s disease is a nonspecific inflammation, so-called nonspecific inflammation is the specific cause of the disease is not very clear, not like everyday bacterial and viral infections caused by the disease.

Crohn’s disease first appeared in the west, and it was indeed a disease that was easily accessible to westerners. But now, in China, and across the asia-pacific region, rates are rising.

The Chinese are beginning to suffer from “western sickness”! Where did crohn come from?

Genetic factors, environmental changes and immune disorders are the three main factors.


There are three main reasons for crohn’s disease:

The first is heredity, and if one member of a family gets sick, the chances of the other members of the family rise, that is, the disease is genetically related.

Second, changes in environmental factors, such as changes in eating habits, lead to changes in the microecological environment of the gut.

The third is the immune disorder, and many of the factors that contribute to the immune disorder are finally mediated.

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