What is the most scientific way to walk after a meal?

Taking a walk after a meal can help the abdominal muscles contract, promote gastrointestinal motility, stimulate the parasympathetic nerve, and relieve stress. But walking too fast and too long can hurt you. The key to walking after dinner is relaxation.


The slower the better, not more than half an hour. “After the meal, the food stops the stomach,” cao tingdong, a famous qing dynasty health and health master, said in “the old and old”. “it will slow down hundreds of steps, and the qi will be lost to the spleen, and the stomach will become corrupt.” A slow walk helps the food digest and absorb. When you are too full, you must get up and walk slowly, avoiding food piling up in your stomach and causing stomach upset.

If you go too fast, the movement is too intense, the blood will flow from the stomach to the extremities, the blood will be reduced, it is not good for digestion. It is recommended to walk at a pace of 90 steps per minute, which is about one to two steps per second. Take 10 to 30 minutes for a walk, not too long.

Avoid talking while walking. Walking will allow air to gather in the body and nourish qi. But many old people like to talk to people while walking, or make a phone call, which is easy to get rid of qi, and also can lose the fluid (saliva). The old man can walk on the side, gently knead the upper part of the abdomen above the abdomen, can promote circulation, help digestion, if eat too much, can take a rest before massage.

Take a break after dinner to take a walk. Heart lung, spleen and stomach function poor, body empty old man, suggest to rest half an hour to take a walk again. If have angina pectoris, low blood pressure, gastroptosis, walk louie to breathe, the body is weak and weak, should avoid to eat too full, take a rest 30 minutes after the meal to take a walk again, don’t cause bodily discomfort.

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