What happens when you Rope skipping a one-month rope?

For skipping this movement, whenever and wherever you can do it, and most importantly, in the same time, the skipping exercise is more than fast walking and running and other aerobic exercise, to 10 minutes as the benchmark, fast walking will consume 55 calories, running 88 calories, but skipping rope can reach 110-130 calories.

Skipping is a kind of whole body movement, not only can eliminate superfluous fat of leg buttocks, but also can make whole body muscle firmer, weight loss effect is very good.

What happens when you jump a one-month rope?

If you stick to skipping rope, what will you look like after one months?

Increased flexibility and coordination

Rope-skipping pay attention to hand and foot coordination, the movement can train their own bounce, speed, balance, endurance and explosive force, and the flexibility and coordination of the hands and feet are also promoted.

The pain of lumbar spine is obviously relieved

Now a lot of office white-collar workers, students almost all day sitting in front of the computer, usually very little activity, in the long run many people will feel backache back, if every day after work, skipping rope, will obviously alleviate the lumbar vertebrae problem;

This is because skipping is a movement that can coordinate the whole body, so it can increase the strength of the whole body muscle, while shaking the rope, also can let the arm and shoulder participate in, shoulder, waist muscle, can get full exercise. Skipping can make muscle strength, shoulder neck, waist ache naturally can alleviate.

Prevention of osteoporosis

Skipping rope also prevents osteoporosis, because skipping can promote bone cell metabolism, prevent bone softening, has the effect of increasing bone strength, but if the excessive amount of exercise may hurt joints oh.

Obviously relax and ease the mood

Skipping a variety of tricks, can be simple and complex, casually find a spacious place can be carried out. Jump the rope every day, will let the mood be relaxed, let the mood stabilize, put down the busy work, can enjoy the fun of bouncing, lasts one months, again bad mood also can be improved obviously.

Skipping is very good, but for people with cardiovascular disease is still not suitable for Oh!

Skipping weight Loss Program

If you jump rope is to lose weight, it must be guaranteed to skip more than 3 times a week;

Jump 120 times per minute, rest two minutes, repeat 3-5 Group, exercise time to reach more than 15 minutes.

Do not insist, according to their own physical adjustment exercise, to 1 minutes for the unit movement.

However, before skipping to prepare the action, this can speed up the weight loss effect

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