What causes flat warts

What is the root cause of flat warts? It’s still a matter of learning. Causes the flat wart the reason to have several, is also the usual very common several kinds of things, therefore said the usual habit is also very important, also has one point is because of the individual resistance ability. Let’s see what else.


Causes of flat warts:

1, contact Infection: Flat warts are contagious, so direct contact will cause infection and morbidity. In addition, it is possible that because of autologous vaccination, patients are mainly adolescents and children, with direct and indirect transmission of two types. Direct infection is the direct transmission of human beings, indirect transmission is through the human pollution of certain special necessities, and then transmitted to others. Human papillomavirus through small skin damage into the skin or mucosa of the epithelial cells, growth and reproduction in the cell, so that the infected epithelial cells can not be normal growth and death, resulting in the proliferation of epithelial cells to form benign hyperplasia.

2, virus infection: The flat wart is caused by the HPV infection, most of the patients are suddenly caused by the disease, the skin damage is generally the needle to the large flat papules of rice, slightly above the skin surface, can also be significantly raised to form a dome-like.


3, Immunity: People with low immunity are more prone to flat warts. For example, when people suffer some trauma or suffer from some diseases, it will lead to the decline of their own resistance, so that the occurrence of flat warts created conditions. So, flat wart this disease usually appears in children and teenagers, this is because these two periods of time of the patient’s own immune ability and disease resistance is relatively poor caused.

4, scratching skin: Flat wart is a common skin disease, scratching and scratching the skin and ignore the skin protection will cause flat warts. Often scratches the skin, will to a certain extent to the skin stimulation, so that people’s skin infection, over time will lead to flat wart this disease. In normal life will often see a number of flat warts are arranged along the scratches distribution into a cable-like, in the formation of flat warts This is the trauma caused by an important manifestation of infection.


5, the spread of pollutants: flat wart is likely to spread through pollutants, such as needles, brushes, towels and other indirect transmission.

Five factors can cause flat wart disease, seemingly ordinary things, movements so prone to flat warts, so the patients are aware of the importance of these should be the right remedy? Or suggest everyone sick first to the hospital to check the drug again, this can ensure that the disease can be cured.

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