What are the good ways to reduce blood lipids

Hyperlipidemia is a more common disease, but also a more serious problem. If the high blood lipid is not in time to recuperate, it will seriously affect people’s health, causing irreparable damage.Below and you introduce a few ways to reduce blood lipids, hope to help everyone, a look at it!


Methods of lowering blood lipids

1, more outdoor exercise

If people do not exercise for a long time, it will lead to the accumulation of fat, resulting in more health-threatening lipids. Therefore, we suggest that we should exercise more appropriately, exercise can enhance people’s physique, resistance, promote the decomposition of blood lipids, reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, so exercise is an important way to reduce blood lipids. For your health, can be appropriate to outdoor activities, you can choose to take a walk, jogging, fast, to the hula hoop, skipping, and so on sports, material simple, good exercise effect.

2, reduce the fat content in the diet

Daily life there are many high fat food, some people have no restraint on the diet, meat, leading to excessive intake of fat, easy to cause the body’s cholesterol rise, affecting blood pressure and blood lipid levels. We should pay attention to eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid high fat food food.

3, adjust the mood

The rapid development of society, lead to the current social life pressure, overtime is daily, most people are more prone to irritability, and emotional ups and downs of the General Assembly leading to elevated blood lipids, health is not good, so people in daily life to control their emotions, to maintain a peaceful, optimistic attitude.

4. Drink more tea and lower blood lipids

Tea has the role of reducing fat, for the elderly who love tea, is a very good way to reduce blood lipids. While drinking tea, you can clear the blood vessels of fat, cholesterol, dissolved thrombusplaque. The specific effects of tea lipid reduction are as follows:

Regulates the activity of metabolic enzymes, and promotes the differentiation of body fat. Stimulate the activity of the sensitive lipase, so that the body’s fat can quickly dissolve, and then play the function of reducing fat.

Block the release of fat in food. Tea is helpful to reduce the lipase-active substance discharged from the viscera, reduce the digestion of fat in the intestines, and make the intestine “immune” to fat.

Speed up transportation to form energy consumption. The oxidation of tea polyphenols suppresses cholesterol and unsaturated fats, lowers cholesterol and its composition on arterial walls, accelerates the movement of unsaturated fats to cholesterol and eliminates them, and thus completes the task of reducing lipids. Polyphenols in tea can accelerate the burning of fat, which in turn has a greater role in lowering blood lipids.

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