Threaten to lose weight but eat fatter? 3 strokes teach you to “create New behavior”

Have you ever had this experience: the sum of friends threatened to lose weight, but they eat fatter; dream to be a writer, but always be delayed by all kinds of things, and after a long time there is still nothing to move. Such phenomena involve “the establishment of new behaviors”, for example, if you are fat, weight loss is a new behavior for you; If you want to be a writer, the process of learning to write is a new behavior.


Member of the American Psychological Association David · L. Watson and honorary professor of education and psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Roland · G. Sharp, in his book “Self-Directed Behavior,” mentions that the creation of new behaviors is inextricably linked to individual self-improvement, ascension, and improvement, and virtually all improvement plans involve the creation of new behaviours. Here are a few ways to create new behaviors to help you better yourself.

1, the formation of a correct self-awareness. One-sided or erroneous self-awareness often hinders the creation of new behaviors. For example,Some people will act, achievement and so on because of their unshakable personal qualities, but this view ignores the role of the environment, so that individuals prone to their own too demanding, resulting in excessive internal friction, beyond the scope of self-regulation, in the long run, individuals are prone to frustration, and may collapse. Here we introduce a kind of self observation technique, namely“Log structured Diary,” which contains three parts of the premises, behavior, and results. For example, for parents who believe in “stick education”, if they want to improve their education, they can make a record of their child-beating behavior:

(1) Premises: The child did not achieve satisfactory results in this examination.

(2) Behavior: Parents very angry, so hit the child.

(3) Result: The child is very wronged, because he did not get good results because of the exam is sick, blindly scolding and not let children understand the true intentions of parents, only to make children have negative feelings, parents are also very frustrated, and have a sense of guilt.

This record will allow parents to face the whole process of child-beating, understand their real ideas, get the right self-awareness, and then get the motivation and willingness to make improvements.

2. Imagine a preview. Many people do not want to create new behavior because of lack of confidence, especially in the face of having to create new behavior, the impact of lack of confidence. PsychologyResearch shows that imagining rehearsals, i.e., simulating events and developments in your mind before things happen, will not only help improve individual skills but also enhance individual confidence. For example, for new entrants to the workplace, may need to be in front of all colleagues to do a debriefing report, to ensure the success of the report, it is best to look in the mirror in advance, imagine that they are in the reporting environment, and then repeat the content of what they want to tell.

3. Imitate the example. Imitating example also helps to improve skill level and confidence. At the same time, the model can also allow individuals to build new behavior in the process of “standing on the Shoulders of giants”, less to go a lot of detours. For people who want to lose weight, you can find people who lose weight in advance, and learn from their weight loss experience and skills, not only help to lose weight, but also allow individuals to achieve self-efficacy, that is, the individual will feel, “she is really beautiful after losing weight, I can lose weight, and as beautiful as her.” 

Threaten to lose weight but eat fatter? 3 strokes teach you to “create New behavior”

“And then get the motivation to lose weight.

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