These three types of people are most susceptible to liver cancer.

In this age of cancer, I believe you will be familiar with some of the most common cancers. When it comes to liver cancer, it can be said that nobody knows. According to the survey data, about 260,000 people die of liver cancer every year, of which about half of the patients in China have liver cancer. Therefore, it is very important for us to prevent liver cancer.


But as you know more or less, the liver itself does not have pain, so if the liver just has some “glitch”, there is no obvious pain. Once the pain is felt, the liver has been damaged. This is, like liver cancer, almost always in the middle and late stages. So how do you find early liver cancer?

These three types of people are the most susceptible to liver cancer!

How to detect early liver cancer requires you to understand the risk factors for liver cancer. When it comes to the high risk factors of liver cancer, it is necessary to mention the high-risk group of liver cancer, which is also one of the high risk factors for liver cancer. So which people are at high risk for liver cancer? It is generally believed that there are three types of high-risk groups for liver cancer:

1. Chronic liver disease.

It is well known that liver disease is closely related to liver cancer. Data show that 50% to 90% of patients with liver cancer have different degrees of cirrhosis. Thus, patients with chronic liver disease, especially the age above 40 years old, and a hepatitis more than five years or antigen of hepatitis b virus markers positive, belongs to the people at high risk of liver cancer and liver cirrhosis.

2. Bad eating habits.

Poor eating habits were also belongs to the people at high risk of liver cancer, poor eating habits mainly for long-term high sugar and high fat diet, or long-term consumption of salted, barbecue, such as food, these habits in a certain degree of class induce liver cancer. In addition, regular consumption of overnight vegetables or a long storage of plants, vegetable oils may also induce liver cancer. Therefore, those who have above bad eating habits are also at high risk of liver cancer.

3. Long-term heavy drinkers.

As you all know, the liver is a very important detoxifying organ in the human body. Alcohol is metabolized mainly through the liver, and when people drink heavily or drink heavily, alcohol directly damages the liver cells, thereby increasing the risk of liver cancer. Therefore, long-term heavy drinkers, especially age.

Over 40 years old, more than 5 years of drinking history, and patients with chronic liver disease or cirrhosis are at high risk of liver cancer.

How to detect early liver cancer?

Whether it is a high-risk group of liver cancer or a non-high-risk group, it is believed that we are very concerned about the discovery of early liver cancer. However, to everyone’s disappointment, there were no obvious symptoms in the early liver cancer, and once the typical symptoms of liver cancer appeared, most of them showed that liver cancer had developed to the middle and late stage. So how do you find early liver cancer?

In fact, if everyone, especially liver cancer high-risk groups to conduct regular inspection, such as the liver B ultrasonic examination such as, liver function, AFP most liver cancer can be detected early. How often does this check, you can go to the hospital to ask the doctor after the decision. People with a family history of liver cancer, as well as patients with chronic liver disease and alcoholics, recommend a liver test every six months for early detection and early treatment of liver cancer.

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