The seven symptoms suggest that women are undernourished.

What are the symptoms of a person’s blood and blood? It can be judged by looking at the individual’s body.


1. First, you can see if a person’s eyes are bright and shiny. People with adequate blood and blood are bright and clear and have a lot of god. The person with insufficient blood and blood is turbid and the eyes are white and yellow. If there is red blood in the eyes, and the eyes still have eye bags, the spleen is deficient. If the eye is still very dry, this is the condition of insufficient blood and blood, and you can also see the condition of a person’s hair.

2. It can be judged according to the hair, if the hair falls a lot, and the hair is sparse. This indicates that the hair is dry and greasy, and it is also indicative of insufficient blood and blood. So a person’s hair can also reflect a person’s physical condition, if the hair is dry and the hair is dry should be noticed.

3. You can also observe the ear. Many people ignore the ears, but the human body is not able to have enough blood and blood to be reflected through the ears. If the color of the ear is white, the person will catch cold. If a person’s ears are red and swollen, this person may have symptoms of fire. So if the ear has abnormal symptoms, it can indicate that the person is deficient in qi and blood.

4. Look at the temperature of a human hand. In fact, the temperature of each person’s palm is the overall reflection of the person’s qi and blood. It is warm in the palm of the hand, and the blood is cold and cold.

You can also look at the small crescent on your fingernails, which can also reflect your health. You can also look at the condition of a person’s teeth, and if a person’s teeth are loose and thinning, there is a problem with the person’s kidneys.

6. You can also look at the gum condition. If the gum is receding, it means that the person has insufficient blood and blood. If the teeth are enlarged, you must also pay attention.

7. You can also see a person’s sleep state, if the quality of sleep is good, can sleep to the natural wake when sleeping, and quickly into the sleep state indicates that this person has strong blood and blood. If you’re talking in your sleep, it’s a sign that the person’s sleep is poor and that you’re losing money.

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