The cervical spine is the source of all ills

Recently, Mr. Li often felt sore neck and heavy shoulders, especially after working on a computer for a day, the whole back was stiff. Mr. Li felt that the young will not have any big problem, so the pain when colleagues help pinch, alleviate, did not expect pain but more and more serious. To the hospital a check, only to know that the cervical vertebrae out of the problem.

Life, people often shout the cervical vertebra pain, but rarely take it as a matter, also do not deliberately protect the cervical spine. Experts pointed out that “the source of disease, from the cervical vertebra”, if the protection of the cervical vertebra, the whole body will be sick.


Cervical vertebra is not good disease

Experts pointed out that the role of the cervical spine, but easy to trouble. Because of high activity frequency, heavy weight, cervical spine is prone to degenerative venereal disease change.

Orthopedic General thought, the cervical spondylosis is divided into five types, including cervical type, nerve root type, spinal cord type, sympathetic type, vertebral artery type. The most common is the nerve root type, approximately occupies the cervical spondylosis 60%-70%. This type of patient often appears numbness, pain or loss of skin sensation in the arm to the finger.

Cervical spondylosis is lighter, patients often feel stiff neck and shoulder, pain, limited activity, shoulder heavy, arms powerless, etc.

Sympathetic type often behaves as a headache , head heavy, dizziness, pillow or neck pain, blurred vision, eye socket swelling, dry eyes, heart speed, etc.

The vertebral artery type mainly is vertigo, the patient often turns the head or the bow, the head suddenly dizziness even falls.

Spinal cord type is the most serious cervical spondylosis, can have neck shoulder, lower limb stiffness, chest abdomen and limbs tight bundle, do not listen to command and other symptoms, serious will lead to limb paralysis.

Experts remind, there are some diseases appear to have little relationship with the cervical vertebra, the actual may be caused by the cervical vertebra. For example, because the cervical sympathetic nerve is stimulated or injured, the injury gastric mucosa, causes the cervical vertebra sex gastritis , because the cervical nerves root is damaged, or the heart sympathetic nerve is stimulated, appears the angina pectoris .

In addition, it may cause blurred vision and so on. Before making a diagnosis, these diseases should be clearly ruled out by the organ itself, before consideration may be related to the cervical spine.

Three functions of the cervical spine

Experts, the cervical spine is located between the head, chest and upper limb, we can use hands in the back of the neck to touch a large bulge, from here up 1 knots, down 6 knots, all belong to the cervical spine.

The cervical spine consists of 7 cervical vertebrae, 6 intervertebral discs and ligaments, which are the smallest in the vertebral vertebrae, but have the greatest flexibility and the highest frequency of activity.

The cervical spine plays a very important role–supports the head up and down to the waist of the back. Experts say that the function of the cervical spine includes three aspects: first, the role of stent. The first cervical vertebrae are connected to the skull’s occipital bone, supporting the head and back with the following sections. The second is to protect spinal nerves and blood vessels. The cervical vertebral body is connected to each other, forming a pathway between the nerves, the vertebral artery and the spinal cord. The third is the movement lever function. The top two sections of the cervical spine are the pivot of the neck movement, helping the neck to curl and rotate, to complete nodding, looking up, and turning the movements.

From the point of view of TCM, cervical vertebra is also one of the key parts of human body. The cervical spine is located in the Human du meridian. Du Meridian, also known as the Yang Vein of the Sea, is one of the eight meridians, it from the perineum, followed by the median line of the back of the spine upward, through the back of the neck, over the head, over the face. It is connected with the spinal cord, the brain and the Yang meridian in the course of the process, which is the general layout of the meridian. The cervical vertebra is not good, the venation may have the problem.

Disorderly kneading to aggravate illness

If people in life feel that the cervical vertebra is not comfortable, usually let the family help “hammer the back, rub shoulders.” Some of the more serious patients may be looking for massage, massage. But experts warn that the type of cervical spondylosis is not the same, treatment methods are different. Massage, thrash, traction, not only to cure the disease, but also may cause more damage to the cervical spine, serious people can even lead to paralysis.

Experts remind: the symptoms of cervical spondylosis, should first go to the hospital examination, diagnosis, and then according to the doctor advised reasonable treatment.

Expert suggestion: Press Two acupuncture point also can alleviate cervical vertebra ache. One is the wind pool point, located in the back of the neck, after the skull two large ribs in the outer rim concave, and the earlobe flush. After the head of the desk to knead 5 minutes, you can improve the blood circulation of the brain, eliminate dizziness , head tightness and other symptoms.

Another is the shoulder hole, the nipple is above the shoulder line with the junction, with the index finger and the middle finger close together press, can relax the cervical spine.

“Swallow Point Water” method: Prone bed, two arms flat on both sides of the body, legs straight, head and upper and lower limbs at the same time force up, straighten, and then relaxed, each time 5 to 10.

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