Sneezing but not a cold? What is it?

Flying willow — often flew into pedestrian eyes, nostrils, make people feel very uncomfortable, especially for those who are easy allergy crowd, contact — can cause skin irritation, rash and itch symptoms, serious when can stimulate worsen asthma, chronic bronchitis, respiratory diseases such as; Flocculation can also carry and spread germs, causing inflammation in the nose, eyes and other places.


Allergic rhinitis is a common respiratory allergy in nasal mucosa, also known as allergic rhinitis. It is the inflammation of the nasal cavity caused by the body’s allergy to some substance, which can cause a variety of complications. Allergic rhinitis is perennial and seasonal. Seasonal allergic rhinitis is more in spring, autumn onset, also known as hay fever. Perennial allergic rhinitis frequently and the symptoms of allergens and causes are complex.

Allergy is a sign the body against foreign substance “invasion”, just like someone to take you from behind, you will be surprised, have a strong light hits, you will close your eyes, your body is faithful for you careful to avoid harm, but sometimes also avoid overshoot, the immune system to work overtime work, to sweep away pollen, dust, will unavoidably produce reaction, performance is the skin and mucosa edema, pruritus and erythema, rash allergic reaction.

If there is an allergy, it is indicated that your constitution is an allergic constitution, with its own reasons and external causes. The reason mainly refers to the disturbance of immune regulation function caused by fatigue, tension, staying up late, mental stress and so on. The external cause mainly refers to the aggravation of living environment pollution. If we are allergic, we can go to the hospital and we can test it by smoking about 5ml of blood. If it is an allergy that is determined by the constitution, it can only reduce the occurrence of allergic reaction by means of prevention and reduction of contact.

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