Say no to health killer breast cancer! self-examination, physical examination can not be less

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the annual Chinese Cancer Registration report, released in 2017, shows that the incidence of breast cancer is the first of the world’s female malignancies. It can be seen that every woman cannot easily ignore breast cancer. So, what are the causes of breast cancer’s frequent onset today? What are the typical signs of breast cancer patients? How should women self-examination have breast cancer?


As for the cause of breast cancer, the Director of Oncology Department of Oncology Hospital of China Academy of Medicine, the seventh chairman of the Breast Cancer Professional Committee of China Cancer Prevention Association, Xu Bing, said in an interview with China Youth Daily, “First of all, young people in urban areas tend to have a Western lifestyle and choose high calorie High fat diet people more, and most of the rural people are low fat, low protein, low energy diet habits, breast cancer incidence is lower. Second, the increase in young patients with breast cancer, and urban young women living pressure, lack of exercise is also related. 

Breast cancer patients will have some typical signs, “People’s Daily Edition” Introduction:

1, breast mass: in breast cancer patients, breast mass for the first symptom of more than 90%. Breast masses are solitary, hard, irregular edges, surface is less smooth. Mostly painless mass, a few cases with varying degrees of pain or pain.

2, nipple, areola abnormalities: the appearance of nipple skin itching, erosion, broken, scab, chip, burning.

3, nipple discharge: Non-pregnancy from the nipple outflow blood, slurry, milk, pus, or stop breast-feeding more than half a year still have milk outflow.

4, the skin sunken like “dimple”: because the cancer cells blocked the lymphatic vessels, resulting in edema, the skin of the breast is orange skin changes.

According to the above signs of breast cancer patients, women can do some routine self-examination. According to the People’s Health Network, breast cancer self-test has several methods:

1, face the mirror, carefully observe the shape of the breast, the surface of skin color, there is no dent, nipple secretion and so on.

2, arms on his hips, and then lift, respectively, to see more than once the content.

3, open the fingers, with the finger of the breast, check whether there is a lump.

4, lie on the back, put a cushion on the underside of one side of the chest, and then move the four fingers, check if there is no lump.

5, put the four fingers under the armpit, check for a lump, and then a little hard to grasp the areola, check for overflow.

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