Obesity has four color “black fat” the most serious

China’s diabetes patients are characterized by high rates of overweight and obesity, and in 2016, the medical journal The Lancet published a global survey of adult weight, with 43.2 million obese men and 46.4 million obese women, China has the highest number of obese people in the world.

Four-color obesity is different

Obesity can be divided into different types according to metabolic and pathogenesis, we are based on long-term clinical experience and medical examination will be obese preliminary dividend, white, black, yellow four, easy to understand.

Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital endocrine division director Chisi suggested that “white fat” should be under the guidance of doctors to develop a detailed diet and exercise intervention program, and strict implementation. “Red fat” people need to draw blood on the overall endocrine hormone secretion status for a comprehensive assessment, especially to pay attention to thyroid, adrenal and other functions. The medical intervention should be timely, scientific and normative once the anomaly is found. “Yellow fat” crowd often not high energy intake, just because the basal metabolic rate is lower than ordinary people lead to energy relative surplus, resulting in overweight or obesity, so, by the endocrine specialist to adjust the level of hormones is imperative.

“Black Fat” is the most complex, often accompanied by a variety of endocrine and metabolic basic diseases, so in addition to internal medicine intervention, sometimes need to undergo endocrine surgery.

Losing weight is a lifetime thing.

For obese people, weight loss is a lifetime thing, not because of a temporary weight loss effect good and forget.

Professor Chisi admits that there are really not too many people in the hospital looking at obesity. This is because it is more troublesome to see obesity, have to do a lot of checks to find out the cause; second, the obesity follow-up is particularly stringent, some obese patients once the weight loss, the happy no longer go to the hospital visit; third, a variety of weight loss tea, substitute meals, bigu and other extreme weight loss methods prevalent, although they can make weight reduction, But it can also cause harm to the body, more harm than good.

Obesity is a disease, weight reduction is a medical behavior, each person is different types of obesity, treatment methods are not the same. Therefore, the patient must go to the hospital and other professional institutions to find professional doctors according to different causes, the formal, systematic treatment, scientific weight reduction.


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