It’s good to brush your tongue often.

The tongue, as part of our oral cavity, not only senses taste, assists in eating, but is an important organ in the expression of language, but the tongue is often overlooked by us. How many people have the habit of cleaning their tongues when they are cleaning their mouths? Even some people wonder if the tongue needs cleaning? Yes, the tongue needs to be clean, and there are many benefits to cleaning the tongue often.


Why do I need to clean my tongue?

A friend who has studied his tongue in a mirror will notice the surface of our tongue is not smooth, there are a lot of rough raised taste buds on the surface of the tongue, and the taste buds are not neatly arranged, and in these crevices there are many bacteria, microbes, and parts of food residue that are not broken down,These things adhere to the surface of the tongue, usually simple mouthwash and can not be effectively removed, long-term existence of oral diseases prone to. The most effective way to clean your tongue is to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. Do not underestimate this simple action, the benefits are many.

Often brushing your tongue has these benefits:

1. Improve taste. If a person’s tongue accumulates too much tongue, it will affect our taste and reduce the sensitivity to the taste of food. Through the soft brushing properly clean the tongue, you can effectively improve the sensitivity of taste, which can also reduce food intake, but also to achieve weight loss effect.

2. Relieve bad breath. Anaerobic bacteria on the tongue break down food residues, saliva and protein, releasing the unpleasant smell of hydrogen sulfide, which is a direct cause of many people’s oral odors and bad breath. Often brushing your tongue avoids and relieves bad breath.

3. Prevent oral diseases. Because of the uneven taste buds, which hide a lot of bacteria, pathogens, viruses and other harmful human health of microorganisms, the mouth of these bacteria is likely to cause cavities, periodontitis and other oral diseases.

How to brush your tongue correctly?

1, stick your tongue out. As we all know, when something reaches into the mouth, we feel uncomfortable and reflect the nausea and vomiting action without brushing our tongue. When you try to stick your tongue out and brush it, you can reduce the discomfort of vomiting.

2. Brush out of the tongue. When brushing the tongue, you can press the order from the inside to the outside, from the root to the tip of the tongue lightly brush several times, you can not use toothpaste, directly with water.

3. Use a soft toothbrush head. Some brush hairs on the back of a special brush with the function of the tongue, if not, you can choose a softer brush to brush the tongue, to avoid the strong brush hair injury on the tongue surface nipple and mucous membrane.

Stick to brush your tongue when brushing, is the most direct and effective way to clean the tongue, can effectively prevent the alleviation of many oral diseases. But usually in the brush when the tongue must pay attention to the use of soft brush hair, gentle brush, should not be too hard, to avoid hurting the tongue, brush the number of tongues not much, generally back and forth gently brush five to 10 times on it, so as not to produce pain and discomfort.

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