Is it the equivalent of slow suicide in the evening? You must know these three things!

Is exercising at night equal to chronic suicide?

People who say this don’t have to go to work…

As the Internet, to recall the er a day’s work, you are the most thoughtful. Girl: I went to work at 9 o ‘clock every morning, at 6 o ‘clock in the evening after work, of course, the vast majority of cases, can’t work at 6 o ‘clock. Plus commuting and dinner time, the earliest I can do is after 8 o ‘clock.


Sports injuries in the evening?

It’s been a hot topic for chronic suicide, but no clinical trial of western medicine has confirmed this claim.

Only a small number of people have poor sleep quality and insomnia, which can cause difficulty in falling asleep due to vigorous exercise before bed, and may even aggravate insomnia.

But most people don’t have a negative impact on their body and sleep as long as they don’t do strenuous exercise an hour before bed, and there are many benefits.

When does exercise lose weight more?

There is no time to lose the most weight.

Whether you’re at six in the morning, or twelve in the morning, six in the afternoon, or even at twelve in the evening, the burn rate is the same.

Is it better to exercise regularly every day?

Yes, because it’s good for you to develop good exercise habits by fixing a time every day.

Just like getting up early to drink a glass of water and then going to poop, fixing a time frame is the best way to get used to it. As long as you keep doing this for 21 days, you will automatically become a part of your life, just like eating.

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