How much alcohol can the liver endure one day?

33-Year-old Mr. Wen in the 8-year medical examination found that the alcoholic fatty liver inflammation, but because there was no discomfort, so did not care. In the recent meeting, Mr. Wen suddenly felt uncomfortable on the abdomen, a cough after a large mouth of blood, his colleagues hurriedly sent him to hospital treatment. Dr. Wen has developed from alcoholic fats hepatitis to liver cirrhosis , a portal vein with severe esophageal fundus due to cirrhosis of the liver. the rupture of bleeding, the doctor for Mr. Wen to carry out vascular ligation and other rescue treatment.

Experts say many people drink too much and cause liver damage. Alcoholic liver patients must abstain from alcohol, or the hepatitis will develop into cirrhosis after 3-5 years of continuous alcoholism. And most of the initial alcoholic liver patients, such as active abstinence, change the bad habits of life, after 2-4 weeks after recuperation to the hospital review, basically can eliminate the cause of return to normal.


The liver can only withstand 40 grams of alcohol a day.

“Alcoholic liver disease is a result of liver injury caused by prolonged drinking, and the incidence of alcohol is higher in recent years.” “Pla 458 Hospital Army Liver Disease Center Director Liu Xianshe chief physician, said the liver is the body’s biochemical reactor, the human body of various nutrients conversion synthesis by the liver complete.” If the long-term heavy drinking, alcohol metabolites of acetaldehyde on the liver cells have a very large toxic effect, so that the liver metabolic disorder, leading to degeneration and necrosis of liver cells and fibrosis.

According to reports, the capacity of the male liver is 40 grams of alcohol a day, women halve. General 40 grams of alcohol is equivalent to 6 degrees alcohol beer 1000 ml, alcohol 12 degrees of red wine 500 ml, containing alcohol 50 degrees of white liquor 100 ml.

Liu Xianshe stressed that alcoholic liver and viral hepatitis patients must abstain from alcohol, or after continuing alcoholism for 3-5 years, alcoholic hepatitis will develop into cirrhosis. About 40% cirrhosis patients are caused by alcoholic liver. Generally speaking, the initial alcoholic liver as long as there is no hepatitis activity and liver fibrosis is mostly not serious, as long as the patient does not continue to drink, after a period of recuperation, will automatically recover. But for moderate and severe, especially hepatitis activity or liver fibrosis, will not automatically recover, need active treatment.

Initial alcoholic liver can be asymptomatic

Patients with alcoholic hepatitis and viral hepatitis should be reviewed at least once every 3-6 months for liver function and other related indicators. Liu Xianshe explained that the liver has a strong compensatory ability, in the early onset of liver cell injury is not much, its liver function examination may be normal, but if continue to drink, until the outcome of abnormal liver, often have serious consequences.

“Many patients come to the clinic because they feel liver discomfort, bloating , fatigue, or tiredness, but most are already in the alcoholic hepatitis , or even cirrhosis. Liu Xianshe says the liver is an organ without sensory nerves, so even if there is inflammation in the liver, the patient will not feel pain. Alcoholic liver is not treated with special effects, so the key is early diagnosis. Liu Xianshe suggested that, if more than 5 years of long-term drinking, or two weeks of continuous binge drinking, it is best to go to the hospital to find a doctor of liver disease in B-ultrasound, liver biopsy, liver biochemical test, liver fibrosis and fatty liver non-invasive testing and so on. In addition, doctors should combine medical history, clinical manifestations, physical examination, and other comprehensive diagnosis of alcoholic fatty liver.

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