How can long-term stress or working night shifts cause weight gain?

The 3rd the journal cell metabolism, published a scientific study found that chronic stress or on the night shift, and so on and so forth will lead to the body of glucocorticoids in not appropriate, so as to make the fat cell number increase, make people fat.


Previous research found that stress increases the levels of blood sugar cortical hormone, and glucocorticoid precursor cells can be turned into fat cells, so people have a certain relationship between pressure and obesity. But researchers don’t know why short-term stress, such as sports, does not lead to obesity, but chronic stress, such as jet lag and night shifts, is linked to obesity.

This is because the timing of glucocorticoid secretion is important, according to the new study by Mary truer of Stanford university in the us. The level of glucocorticoid in healthy people fluctuated within 24 hours, with the highest level at 8 o ‘clock, the lowest at 3 a.m. the next day, and the peak again after 5 hours. But if due to jet lag, on the night shift, and so on, in this should be a low glucocorticoid levels, because too much sugar cortical hormone secreted by pressure, will lead to more precursor cells into fat cells.

Animal studies have shown that the body’s fat doubles and becomes obese after disrupting the normal production of glucocorticoid in mice. But if you follow the rhythm, when you’re at the peak of your hormone levels, you’re not going to get fat, even if you inject the glucocorticoid, which is 40 times the normal level.

Trudi el said: “a point in time of stress, the most important, if you have a lot of pressure or using glucocorticoid treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (ra), will not necessarily become fat, as long as this happens during the day. If you experience chronic stress or use glucocorticoid at night, your weight will increase significantly. The researchers believe that this finding could be used in medical and other aspects, and that some hormonal therapy may not cause side effects such as weight gain if the timing is right.

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