Five recognized vascular killers.

Martial arts novels often “Ren du two veins” description, ren du two-vein relationship between the internal forces of operation, once through the ability to greatly increase. In fact, in the real human body, there is indeed a kind of “ren du two veins,” The magical organization, is blood vessels.

blood vessels, veins, arteries, capillaries, are the conduit for the delivery of blood, but also the blood and tissue between the nutrition, waste material exchange of the main place. If the blood vessels are unobstructed, the organism is functioning normally, whereas it is susceptible to various diseases, such as vascular stenosis and myocardial infarction .


Five recognized vascular killers.

1, high fat, high oil, high sugar, high salt

Talking about the “number one killer” of blood vessels, is absolutely diet four high, including high fat, high oil, high sugar, high salt. This kind of eating habits will let blood lipids, cholesterol attached to the wall of blood vessels, causing blood vessel blockage, induce arteriosclerosis .

 2. Irregular schedule, often stay up late

If it is often stay up late, and irregular routine, adrenaline will increase the secretion, prompting blood pressure rise, abnormal blood vessels contraction, increase the burden of cardiovascular system pressure. Over time, it is easy to induce a stroke or evensudden death and other high-risk diseases.

3. Harmful substances in tobacco

Many people think that smoking only affects the lungs, which is biased because tobacco is also recognized as one of the cardiovascular killers. The harmful substances in tobacco inhalation of the human body, can cause myocardial hypoxia ischemia, accelerate the atherosclerosis , induce coronary artery spasm, resulting in the formation of thrombosis .

4. Lack of aerobic exercise

Long-term lack of exercise, especially aerobic exercise, will make the blood vessel “rubbish” accumulation, aggravating the heart burden, hinder blood circulation, forming atherosclerotic plaque, long-term down is hypertension , coronary heart disease and so on.

5, the mood is long low

Studies have shown that the incidence of cardiovascular disease is directly linked to mood swings. If the mood is depressed for a long time, or the mental pressure is too big, can cause blood vessel to shrink, Quicken blood vessel aging speed.

How to “get through” blood vessels to make blood vessels more “relaxed”

1, aerobic exercise: adhere to the regular aerobic exercise, so as to control the weight;

2, quit smoking: more attractive than cigarette alcohol, there are many things, can not touch it;

3, Regular life: maintain a regular routine, reduce blood vessel damage.

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