Fart more fart less fart smelly, body big event! Beware of two kinds of fart

For some small sesame mung bean big things, we always like to use “fart big things” to describe.

Also, fart this kind of thing, except in the public place will be embarrassed, also really can’t think of what trouble ~


If you think so too, that small make up to mercilessly hit your face-“fart” big thing, sometimes really is not trivial!

Today, keep pace with small, to study this “fart”. (Don’t be afraid, no taste)


How many fart a day is normal?

As the saying goes, “Fart is the gas of life, there is no reason to put it.”

Traditional Chinese medicine will fart called “Gas Pass”, is the patient’s auspicious, often suggest the remission of the disease and the improvement of the prognosis. So fart should be release.


In fact,about 70% of the fart is the air that people swallow themselves. And farting is a complicated process.

Human intake of food in the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, some intestinal food ingredients, and intestinal flora interaction, production of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane gas, and in the intestinal law of the movement of the help, to reach the rectum, from the anus out of the body.

This is called the fart .

It is not difficult to see, fart generation by the eating volume, food ingredients, intestinal flora , and other aspects of the impact.

At present, there is no standard definition of how much fart is normal every day, people can only compare with their usual state, pay attention to whether fart, fart more or fart less, fart smelly.

No fart.

It’s good to fart. Long time cannot fart, often causes bloating, the problem is generally by the gastrointestinal tract obstruction or the peristalsis obstacle causes.

For example: When the newborn does not have anus, because the export development of exhaust gas abnormal, there is no fart put, by intestinal adhesion, intestinal torsion, intussusception or digestive tract tumors and other causes of intestinal obstruction, but also the main reason can not be put.

In these cases the intestinal gas is constantly produced, resulting in obvious abdominal distension, abdominal pain, and even vomiting, but because the intestinal occlusion can not be discharged downward, naturally formed a typical “pain, vomit, swelling, closed (no exhaust, defecation)” symptoms.

Once these conditions occur, to stop eating, drinking water, more do not think it is constipation, take laxatives on their own, must be timely treatment.

Too much fart? Think about what you ate.

Sometimes fart too much, often eat more starch food, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, or onions, soy products and so on.


Therefore, can reduce the intake of starch food, increase protein, vegetables, fruit food, so that the diet to achieve balance, natural can reduce fart generation.

Eating too large and indigestion can also increase the inability to digest and absorb food ingredients in the intestines, providing a basis for subsequent interactions with intestinal flora to increase gas production.

At the same time, the disorder of the flora, especially the excessive production of bacteria, can also cause the increase of gas in the intestinal cavity.

Therefore, healthy eating habits are very important. We suggest that you eat a small number of meals, to eliminate overeating, as far as possible chewing, do not swallow too much air ~

Pay attention to these two kinds of fart

Fart odor, but also a hint of the body’s health status.

More smelly fart can be due to the intestinal tract there is more fecal retention is not timely discharge, that is, the so-called “fart is excrement head”, Tip should go to defecate.


More often than not, the composition of the fart changes and the odor increases. This often hints that the diet structure is abnormal or digestive insufficiency, should reduce excessive animal protein (chicken, duck, fish, meat) and egg intake.

At the same time, you should pay attention to these two kinds of fart, they may be the signal of disease:

1, rotten egg flavor fart

With the improvement of our living standard, we eat more and more well. If the intake of protein and fat increases too much, beyond the ability of digestion and absorption of the small intestine, it is no longer a small remnant to enter the large intestine.

In the “fermentation jar” of the large intestine, too much nutrients can cause flora imbalance, and the excess nutrients are decomposed into amines, amines, carcinogens. Amine, very smelly, this odor, and the smell of rotten eggs similar.

Rotten egg-flavored fart is the equivalent of protein metabolism to the last taste of corruption, at this time the gastrointestinal tract may be problematic.

2, fishy smell of fart

Every evening passing the market, smelly fish rotten shrimp smell always let people around and far, but this is the smell, or blood smell of fart, indicating the digestive tract bleeding.


Blood accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract, the stomach acid and intestinal bacteria decompose the blood, and sometimes the feces that is discharged will be like tar, and the fart will smell fishy.

In addition, the intestinal malignant tumor, because the cancer tissue erosion, peeling, bleeding, coupled with the decomposition of bacteria fermentation role, fart also has a fishy smell.

Therefore, the color of the stool into black, or smell the stench of fart, must go to the hospital for inspection.

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