Don’t sit there, the study found: sitting hurts memory.

Sitting for too long may impair your brain’s ability to remember, the Los Angeles times reported recently, citing a new study in the country.


The university of California, Los Angeles, west MEL neural psychology and human behavior research institute scientists for 35 to 45 ~ 75 – year – old cognitive health crowd questionnaires and interviews, and do the brain mri scans for them. The results showed that people who were often in a standing or moving state were the most well-organized in the brain responsible for learning and memory. At any age, sitting still makes the memory area of the brain narrow. This has an important effect on the structure of the cerebral cortex, which in turn changes the number of cells in the brain. A reduction in the brain’s memory center can lead to a series of negative effects, particularly alzheimer’s. When people sit for an extra hour a day, memory storage improves by 2 percent. So people who sat for 10 hours a day had about 10 percent less memory storage than those who sat for five hours a day.

Lead researcher, biostatistician, quantum chemist oprah, west das said: “after the existing research about heart disease, diabetes, and early death suggests that health sitting for a long time to have a negative impact; New study, let we are convinced that sedentary when your brain will face a serious threat, even for those who often engaged in sports, sedentary also can damage the brain, the reason is what keeps it may hinder the brain energy supply of oxygen and nutrients, the brain is hard to resist aging.”

To keep your mind and memory sharp, you must always get up and leave your seat, such as standing up and making phone calls, following your headphones music and taking a walk after lunch, says sidas. If you need to sit in front of your computer all day long, set an alarm clock to remind yourself that it’s time to get up and walk away.

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