Do you feel better when you sleep?

Often in the pressure, depression and angry, the people around me will always comfort, sleep well! So, does sleep really relieve stress and mood? Today we will bring you to understand!

Do you feel better when you sleep?

Why does sleep alleviate fatigue?

1. The body accumulates a large amount of lactic acid, lactic acid stimulates the body terminal receptor, let a person be exhausted, physically and mentally exhausted. And Meimei sleep, the accumulation of lactic acid by the circulatory system clean up, the body is refreshed, fatigue swept, physical and mental pleasure, emotional relaxed and happy.

2. Sleep, the body lay flat, joints, muscles in a relaxed state, the spine relaxed, easing physical fatigue.

3. Sleep, the brain no longer nervous thinking, get a good rest, ease mental fatigue.

4. The biological clock enters the sleep pattern, the respiration, the heart rate slows down, each organ obtains the sufficient rest.

Can sleep improve mood?

1. Slow down. Encounter unhappy things, people will have emotional response, breath stuffy in the heart can not be soothing. Sleep on a sleep, natural out of the cycle of bad events, from the depressed out of the relief, indifferent to smile, worry vanished.

2. Forget unhappiness. Wake up, depressed mood of all sorts of unpleasant, have forgotten almost, the equivalent of computer restart, empty memory, full of energy to start again. Studies have shown that the short contact between some synapses before bedtime, if there is no persistent stimulation, will be disconnected, resulting in a forgotten effect.

3. Releasing emotions in a dream. Sleep, awake state of repressed subconscious through the dream to be fully vented, reduce psychological pressure, mood again become relaxed.

So when you’re in a bad mood, sleep is a good regulator and hypnosis is also used to treat depression . Depression patients will also appear narcolepsy -like, the equivalent of a patient’s emotional self-regulation, for mild depression patients, often can self-healing.

What effect does sleep have on brain metabolism?

1. Metabolism of the brain. During sleep, the cerebrospinal fluid and interstitial fluid flow through the fluid, taking away the beta amyloid protein from the brain, reducing their deposition in the brain tissue. After sleep, the brain is in a fresh working state, and the mood is naturally better.

2. Take away the metabolic waste. such as lactic acid, urea nitrogen, carbon dioxide.

3. More oxygen supply. Sleep, the body lay flat, the brain can get more blood and oxygen supply, the body activities decreased, the brain has a good rest.

Wake up mood still bad?

1. Problem solving or temporary avoidance. Face up to the problem, solve the problem, relieve the heart knot, but temporarily unable to solve, can temporarily evade, far away, do not induce negative emotion.

2. Do happy things. For example, listen to music, enjoy the food, hum the favorite songs.

3. Write a diary. To ease the mood, organize ideas, calm down.

4. Outdoor sports and tourism. Exercise can excrete metabolic waste, divert attention, increase dopamine secretion, get a sense of happiness, and outdoor activities, after the rain of the woods, waterfalls or fountains next to the seaside, mountains, negative ions, relaxed mood.

Sleep is good for the elimination of beta-amyloid protein, which increases the risk of mental impairment and brain dysfunction in the elderly, so adequate sleep is associated with lower brain degeneration in the elderly, such as the prevalence of the disease, such as senile mental disorders and Parkinson ‘s syndrome. , but also helpful.

Therefore, sleep can not only improve the mood, but also the health of the.

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