Cucumber tomatoes with the eating grams to life, really?

Cucumber and tomatoes are very good fresh vegetables, the human body has good, but also very grounded gas health food, but they can eat together? What terrible consequences will the cucumber and tomatoes eat together? Don’t worry, let’s start with a simple understanding of two kinds of food nutrition.




Top Flower cucumber Cheiva lotus root, is to describe the wonderful words of freshness, in fact, the biggest health bright spot of cucumber is low calorie, which moisture content exceeds 95.8%,100g cucumber’s heat is only 16kcal, belongs to the low heat of that kind of food, so dieters are very suitable for eating cucumber. Cucumbers are not only low in calories, but also have low protein, fat and carbohydrates that fall into the horizon.


In the seven nutrients, in addition to water cucumber only high substance is the potassium in the mineral, 100g cucumber content 102mg. Raw cucumber In addition to the gastrointestinal poor people, others are suitable, especially suitable for food with high protein, such as cucumber scrambled eggs, wood meat, pat cucumber mixed intestine and so on. Cucumber more suitable for diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, weight loss of people, you do not eat until the stomach will not let blood sugar soar!



Tomatoes in contrast to cucumber, vitamin C, lycopene and dietary fiber are much better, wish all the nutrients are higher than the cucumber. Tomatoes can be used as a fruit, but also as a vegetable, is a very angry health food, but also used to mix with high-protein food, such as scrambled eggs tomatoes, tomato stew beef brisket and so on. Tomatoes are cooked, and the fat-soluble carotenoid-lycopene is more easily absorbed by the body.

What happens with tomatoes and cucumbers?


Tomatoes contain vitamin C, is a common antioxidant, and cucumber contains enzymes that destroy vitamin C, so they can not eat together, because eat also free, vitamin C absorption can not! The truth? First of all, we all think that the content of vitamin C in tomatoes is particularly high, in fact, 100g tomatoes in the vitamin C content is 19mg, belong to the middle level, not only than oranges, oranges, potatoes, balsam pear, and far less than fresh jujube and kiwi, so do not too much attention. However, because tomatoes are rich in organic acids, even a short period of cooking heating, but also the loss of vitamins in tomatoes less.


That’s the way it is! But it takes a prerequisite–a tomato and a cucumber to squeeze the juice. After the juice of the cucumber and tomatoes are fully mixed, more conducive to the role of enzymes, so the loss of vitamin C is very high. But are you going to eat like that? Most of us are directly with cucumber or tomatoes stir-fry, or directly raw, this way is not conducive to the enzyme play a greater role, and if the heat to eat, the enzyme in the 60 ℃ has started to lose the life, the face of vitamin C also powerless.

can tomatoes and cucumbers be eaten together?

The answer is -yes.


Rumor scares the dead!

For just after eating cucumbers and tomatoes, listening to music I, this sensational proposition is really deadly! I do not want to talk about these rumors, but worry a lot of people do not know how to eat, I still put down the cucumber in my hands to say two, want to eat cucumber and tomatoes eat dead, only a dead method-eat too full of support.

Hope the rumor of the people to converge!

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