China asks who not to invite Taiwan to attend the meeting? Foreign ministry response

On May 8, 2018, foreign ministry spokesperson geng shuang held a regular press conference. The relevant contents are as follows:


Q: I know you answered questions about Taiwan and the world health assembly yesterday. Does China ask who to refrain from sending invitations to Taiwan?

A: Taiwan is not a member of the world health organization and has not received an invitation to attend the world health assembly.

Yesterday, as I’ve said, eight years in Taiwan and in the name of “Chinese Taipei” observer status in the world health assembly, which is reflected in both insist on both sides of the Taiwan a Chinese “contenders”, based on the principle of through consultation to make special arrangements. The DPP’s authorities have so far failed to recognise the “1992 consensus” that embodies the one-china principle, undermining the political base of Taiwan’s participation in the world health assembly. This year, Taiwan will not receive an invitation to participate, and the responsibility lies solely with the DPP authorities.

Follow-up: can you clarify whether this is because China has had some form of communication with who on Taiwan’s participation?

A: as a member of the world health organization, China has maintained close communication with the who secretariat and other who members.

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