2 things to self test all cancers

When our bodies are having problems, they are reflected in the inside out. The form is not necessarily pain, many times it is a small detail, these small details are very easy to be overlooked. So many cancer patients are not cancer detected in the oncology, but through other tests to discover the existence of malignant tumors.


Two characteristics self-test all cancers

If you think it’s too cumbersome to look at the changes in the body every day through a mirror, here’s a simpler and more useful observation technique. If you look at whether there are two characteristics, you can initially determine whether you have the possibility of cancer. And these two characteristics are not only indicative of a certain type of cancer, it may be a disease of most cancers.

Let’s look at a real case.

56-Year-old Aunt Zhang looked in the mirror found some abnormalities, thought is small problem does not care, but long dragged under more and more serious, had to go to the hospital examination, the doctor preliminary examination arranged for tumor screening. She thought the doctor had made a fuss, but the results were diagnosed as intestinal tumors. Fortunately, the tumor is malignant, but it is in its infancy.

“Lucky” Aunt Zhang once ignored the fatal cancer signal is red, inflammation.

(1) Red inflammation first appears in the face, the most likely part is the eyelid. Eyelid redness, usually accompanied by swelling, that is, swollen eyelids.

(2) then the forehead and cheeks, this is the place where the ladies make up to blush, if you do not have a blush this place is still redder than elsewhere, then you should pay attention to it.

(3) Many people in the nose and mouth groove and neck, and even the chest will have such a red inflammation, mostly appear v-shaped, and V-collar clothing exposed parts roughly equal.

(4) There is also the possibility of a red inflammatory reaction on the back shoulder and on the outside of the upper arm.

These places may appear to be red alone or in combination. This is a very important signal that the cancer is likely to occur. But if there is a red inflammatory reaction on our hands, the likelihood of cancer will increase. Studies show that if there is red inflammation in the face and neck, the likelihood of a red tumor in the body is around 40%. If the same inflammatory response is present at the same time, the likelihood of malignancy in the body is greatly increased.

Specifically, where red inflammation occurs in the hands of fingernails and fingers. This is called Dermatomyositis in medicine, clinically, the patients with 9%~52% dermatomyositis. The older the general age, the higher the chance of concomitant tumor. The borderline of this dangerous age is 52 years old. In other words, if you are over 52 years old and have this type of dermatomyositis, the likelihood of the associated tumor is very high. Moreover, the tumor can occur in the dermatomyositis of any part of the body, to the lungs, nasopharyngeal, ovarian, breast and stomach as good hair site, can also be combined with sarcoma, leukemia , malignant lymphoma and colon cancer. It should be noted that many cancers are diagnosed with multiple dermatomyositis and dermatomyositis only within 1 years, so people over the age of 50 need to be more aware of whether they have a similar situation.

What cancers do red inflammation portend?

Then appear this skin inflammation reaction, the most likely to appear what kind of canceration?

1. Lung cancer

35%~75% lung cancer patients will have similar symptoms in the early stages. Tumor growth in the larger diameter, the external stimuli sensitive to more than the bronchial mucosa, can produce similar foreign body-like irritation caused by cough, typical performance is paroxysmal irritating cough, general cough medicine often difficult to control. This is a time to screen for the possibility of a lung tumor.

2. Gallbladder Cancer

Gallbladder cancer begins to appear as discomfort on the right upper abdomen, followed by persistent dull pain or dullness, sometimes accompanied by paroxysmal pain and radiation to the right shoulder. It can also be accompanied by indigestion , which is due to the decreased function of the gallbladder bile to help digestion. If accompanied by skin redness such symptoms, should be highly suspected of the occurrence of gallbladder tumors.

3. Ovarian cancer , uterine cancer

Early symptoms of ovarian cancer may include vulva and lower extremity edema, as well as waist and abdomen pain, this is because the adjacent tissues of the ovary such as cancer infiltration or adhesion, can cause waist and abdomen dull pain, blunt. Uterine cancer mainly manifested as a menopause after vaginal bleeding, the volume is generally not much. Those who do not have menopause can be characterized by increased menstruation, menstrual lengthening or menstrual disorders.

4. Gastric Cancer

Red inflammation is most likely to occur is also the most dangerous: gastric cancer. Gastric cancer is always the first cancer. China’s new 500,000 cases of gastric cancer each year, the incidence is very high, the death rate accounted for the first cancer. Gastric cancer is a malignant tumor originating from gastric mucosal epithelial cells, which is mainly caused by the high nitrate and nitrite content in drinking water and grain, while nitrate and nitrite may be combined with amine in human stomach to form a very strong carcinogenic substance such as nitrosamines.

Early signs of gastric cancer include: stool changes, there is a black stool, this is likely to be caused by gastrointestinal bleeding , the same digestive tract bleeding can also cause stubborn anemia , if such a black and anemia, then must be to find out if there is a gastrointestinal tumor. The stomach is the most common part of the tumor associated with Dermatomyositis.

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