Congo (DRC) reappears suspected “Ebola” cases, killing 17 people

Congo (DRC) Health ministry 8th confirmed that the country again appeared Ebola haemorrhagic fever outbreak, currently found 21 suspected cases, of which 2 confirmed.


Congo (DRC) Health Minister Olly Irenga Kalenga issued a communiqué the same day that the recent Northwest Équateur found 21 cases of suspected Ebola, including 17 deaths. Of the 5 sample cases collected with the assistance of the World Health Organization and Médecins Sans Frontières, 2 were diagnosed with Ebola in laboratory.

Kalenga said the Congolese government has dispatched manpower and supplies to fight a new round of Ebola outbreaks.

On the same day, who announced that the Congo (DRC) has been known to reappear in the Ebola outbreak, the experts have visited the affected areas to assist the local government to control the epidemic.

WHO spokesman Yasarevichi: We have relevant personnel at the scene, and Congo (DRC) also has experience in responding to the Ebola virus, so Congolese experts will be sent to the affected areas as soon as possible with WHO, Médecins sans Frontières and other experts.


The outbreak is the nineth time since the discovery of Ebola virus in the Congo (DRC) in 1976. The outbreak of Ebola in the northern part of the country from May 2017 to July killed 4 people.

Ebola haemorrhagic fever is a hemorrhagic infectious disease caused by Ebola virus, mainly through exposure to infected patients or infected animals, blood, body fluids, secretions and fecal infection, the clinical manifestations of fever, bleeding and multiple organ damage, fatality rate as high as 50% to 90%. 


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