What tea is suitable for long-term drinking (ignoring season)?

“Tea , focus on Tea ” tip: oolong tea is half fermented, suitable for long-term, moderate drink, but the summer is drier ; The hot tea friends, all the year round can drink green tea or scented tea; , it is suitable for all seasons, with black or black tea. the general principle of drinking tea is a moderate, random, and fit body.


General principles of healthy drinking tea

The general principle of drinking tea is the right amount, which is suitable for the body. Some people like the language is amazing, and can say how to drink, how to drink. We have an old saying, that is not to say, it is not. Drinking tea, drinking too much tea, accumulated over time, is a risk to the body. Don’t take ignorance as fun and as capital as a young man.

Oolong tea is half fermented, suitable for long-term, moderate drink, but the summer is drier

I drink tea, not particularly fastidious, but will pay attention to the body’s response, thus adjusting the type of tea. However, in general, Oolong tea is more suitable for the Four seasons. Especially Tieguanyin. Aromatic tieguanyin suitable for the summer and autumn season to drink, its soaring orchids and fresh taste, can let you in the spring and autumn season, there is a rare relaxation. and Luzhou-Flavor tieguanyin, it is suitable for the spring and Winter festival drink. Rich ripe incense, moderate fermentation degree tieguanyin, in cold and clammy season, can cold, can warm heart. As for the Chenxiang type Tieguanyin, is suitable for the Four Seasons drink. But with Wuyi rock tea, Phoenix, such as a single clump of fermented or baked heavy tea, drink in the summer, may appear dry some.

Real hot tea friends, all the year round can drink green tea

The body is hot, the stomach is hot person, drink green tea is a good choice. Green tea is not fermented tea, refreshing taste, taste bitter back after the sweet taste, in the hot season and dry mouth, drink a mouthful, is very beautiful, comfortable. But green tea sex cold, drink more easily cause stomach discomfort, lower abdomen cool. But the human body is ever-changing, in the course of daily tea, also according to the body’s response, to adjust.

The body is less cold people, then all the year round is suitable, moderate and black or dark tea.

Conversely, the body is more empty cold people, it is suitable to drink some black tea or black teas. Generally speaking, the comparison recommends drinking black tea. Black tea is actually very greasy, to some extent, there may be a risk of physical malnutrition. Black tea, more moist, tea polyphenols into tea pigments, mild tea suitable for the cold physique of people. However, black tea is also easy to dry tea.Drinking black tea on a hot summer’s day is a discount.

Tea is a reliable drink.

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