What good is eating lobster to people?

And to eat lobster season, lobster in May already is everywhere, lobster let people hate, love is lobster unique flavor, ruthless some pusher use “wash shrimp powder” reports and rumors of lobster living environment let people retreat.


 what’s the benefit of crawfish eating?

1, High protein content. lobster is rich in nutrients, and its fleshy soft, easy to digest, weak and after the disease need to take good health of the people are excellent food;

2. Protect the heart. lobster is rich in magnesium, magnesium has an important role in the regulation of heart activity, can protect the cardiovascular system, it can reduce blood cholesterol content, to prevent arteriosclerosis, but also to expand the coronary artery, conducive to the prevention of hypertension and myocardial infarction;

3, pass milk. Lobster has a strong effect of milk, and rich in phosphorus, calcium, for children, pregnant women, especially beneficial effect;

4, Yi qi Yang, appetizer phlegm . Lobster belongs to freshwater shrimp, sexual warm sweet, into the liver, kidney meridian, shrimp meat has kidney yang, pass milk Anti-Virus, nourishing blood solid, chemical stasis detoxification, Yi qi Yang, tongluo pain, appetizers, phlegm and other effects.

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