What causes esophagus cancer? How long can you live?

First of all, we have to understand esophageal cancer, it belongs to a digestive tract tumor, now the incidence of esophageal cancer is also very high, our country accounted for the majority of men and women more than female patients, most of the onset after the age of 40. The symptoms of esophageal cancer is difficult to swallow, the beginning of food is difficult to swallow, and then half a liquid food, the final water is difficult to swallow.


Esophageal cancer is caused by a number of factors have the following causes:

1. Chemical etiology of nitrosamines. We all know that nitrosamines are not good for the body and are more carcinogenic.

2. Biological pathogenic fungi. Some fungi are carcinogenic function, some fungi will promote the formation of nitrosamines and their precursors, more promote the occurrence of cancer.

3. Trace elements, if the lack of certain trace elements can also cause the formation of cancer.

4. Lack of vitamins According to the survey, many patients with esophageal cancer lack of vitamin A, B2, C and animal protein, fresh vegetables, fruit intake.

5. Life and Rest and poor diet is the cause of chronic alcoholism, hobbies, smoking, food, eating too fast, and so on, will cause long-term stimulation, inflammation or oral unclean, dental caries, etc. may cause esophageal cancer.

6. Genetic etiology of esophageal cancer. If there is a family inheritance, then the possibility of heredity to the next generation is relatively large.


How long can you live with esophageal cancer?

Esophageal cancer patients friends are very concerned about the problem, that is how long they can live. Although clinical data indicate that patients with advanced esophageal cancer have a survival rate of less than 30% within five years, but for each person, whether they can live for 5 years or 10, the answer is uncertain, and doctors are unable to give accurate answers because of the treatment that patients have taken with their friends, Their own mentality and the patient’s friends of the health, and the severity of esophageal cancer has a certain relationship. These are the factors that affect the life span of esophageal cancer patients.

People with esophageal cancer do not feel that this is a terminal illness and gave up treatment, it is very unclear. As long as the adoption of scientific treatment, and maintain a good mentality, the patient’s life can also be greatly improved friends, so the patient friends must pay attention to esophageal cancer treatment. Scientific treatment means not only can prolong the life of patient friends, improve the physical fitness of patients friends, so that the quality of life of patients friends to be greatly improved.


Recommended that everyone should pay attention to healthy lifestyle and eating habits, prevention of cancer and other diseases, patients friends should pay attention to prevent the recurrence of esophageal cancer, do a retest, but also eat less unhealthy food, especially to stimulate the esophagus healthy food, such as spicy stimulating food, pickled food.

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