What a disaster! A seven-week-old baby girl in the United States has been hit by a ball on her head.

On May 8, a pair of new parents in the United States, because my father to take part in the softball game, mother with just seven weeks old girls to the stadium to watch baseball game, didn’t expect the proceeds of the football game, a foul ball accidentally hit the girls head, the infant cerebral hemorrhage in critical condition.


The father of Iowa, Lee, took part in a softball game with his mother, Kassy, with her daughter, hoverka. When the accident occurred, the court is in another game, father close for mother and daughter on a blanket, so that k breastfeeding, didn’t expect a foul ball flew in from the field, two people focus on taking care of their daughters did not notice the fly ball, mother and daughter who was hit by a ball in the end.

At present, the girl’s skull fracture, the brain two hemorrhage, under the deep anesthesia condition, rely on breathing apparatus to breathe. It is accompanied by seizures. The helpless parents, though sad, thought the incident was accidental and did not intend to blame anyone. Fortunately, after the media coverage of the incident, many people generously funded the medical expenses of the baby girl.

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