Vegetables and fruits are not good enough to eat all the vegetarian

Recent small series to see a news “woman for weight loss, 30 years only vegetarian, knot fell a disease.” 

When it comes to weight loss, many people say “diet + exercise”, which is the right way to lose weight, but it is not advisable for some people to eat vegetarian food when they are dieting. What’s the harm of eating vegetarian food?


First of all, eat vegetarian diet?

Vegetarian food can certainly play a certain weight loss effect, but the vegetarian diet contains a large number of relatively low quality of protein, long-term partial vegetarian diet, will aggravate the burden of the stomach. Once an elderly couple in Zhejiang have been detected stomach cancer, the hospital gave the conclusion is: vegetarian eat too much.

Fruits and vegetables are hard to eat

A substance that food can be used for human consumption. It is composed of a variety of different nutrients, including protein, fat, sugar, vitamins and inorganic salts. Food has the function of providing the human body with the necessary calories for life and various activities, constituting the body tissue and regulating the normal physiology of the body.

The chemical energy contained in the food comes from three large capacity nutrients, namely protein, fat, carbohydrate (also called carbohydrates).

The three large capacity nutrients are not only the necessary nutrients (bricks, pillars), but also energy metabolism of the substrate (fuel). 1 grams of carbohydrates and 1 grams of protein can provide 4,000 calories, while 1 grams of fat can provide 9,000 calories.

In adults, the energy from protein accounts for the 10%~15% needed every day, from fat to 20%~30%, and from carbohydrates to 50%~65%.

The smaller the age of the minor, the more protein supply, the higher the protein supply. Vegetables and fruits contain only a small amount of nutrients in the protein and carbohydrates, no fat, can not provide enough energy, so, eat a small bowl of rice will be full, and only eat vegetables and fruits are often not easy to eat full.

What harm can a vegetarian diet bring to us?

The body needs is the comprehensive coordination of nutrition, although generally advocated to vegetarian, but meat should eat when must eat, the body needs the main nutrients are not less.

Eat vegetarian food, unable to meet the needs of the human body of all kinds of energy, long-term vegetarian, because of insufficient protein and fat intake, not only malnutrition, but also lead to lower body resistance, easy to lead to osteoporosis and fracture. 

Therefore, the daily diet must be balanced with nutrition.

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