There are seven advantages to eating lotus root.

Eat to crisp and refreshing lotus root, compendium of materia medica call it “spiritual root”! The raw lotus root eat helps to heat up the heat, cool blood to stop the bleeding; Cooked food has the effect of invigorating the spleen and nourishing the stomach and nourishing the blood. Network circulate: “summer eat lotus root also can reduce the heat” the expression. In the summer when the temperature is continuously extraordinary, can you get rid of the heat by eating a little lotus root, and listen to what the doctor says.



Lotus root nutrition is rich from ancient times is the heat and heat relief medicine.

Li xiangping, chief physician of gynecology department of the affiliated hospital of China medical university, said that lotus root is the root of the lotus flower, which is different from the season of the market, with fruit, fresh lotus root and old lotus root. The lotus root is listed in July, fresh lotus root in October, and the old lotus root is produced all year round. Lotus root nutrition is rich, contain a large amount of starch, protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, fat, carbohydrates, and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, is a kind of food for young and old.

Sorching summer is Taiwan lotus and the lotus in full bloom season, around the southern song dynasty poet compose in “xiao the net Keats temple to send Lin Zifang” mentioned in the poem “after all, the west lake in June, the scenery is not with four, endless blue day lotus plants, video on lotus red.” Lotus root has been one of the best medicine for summer heat relief.

The benefits of eating lotus root are well documented in many ancient classics.

Lotus root flavor gan, non – toxic, into the heart, spleen, stomach meridian. “The grass scavenging” period: lotus root can “eliminate food and diarrhea, relieve the pain, relieve the wine toxin, pressure food and the hot thirst after the disease”. According to the compendium, the lotus root powder is “appetizing, nourishing and nourishing the blood, clearing the air, clearing the heat of the table, feeding on the wisdom of the anshen, relieving the heat and relieving the diarrhea”.

Qing dynasty famous diet regimen books the spectrum with interest in the diet of lotus root in the efficacy of records in more detail: “oneself raw, lines, and blood stasis, quench except vexed, appetizers xiaoshi, cholera, dry mouth, cure postpartum boring disorderly, hemostatic set pain; excess or insufficiency of cooked foods, yangxin heart ‘s-blood, appetizing ShuYu, antidiarrheal.”

Eating lotus root can relieve the heat? Doctor: lotus root shengjin and invigorate the spleen.

Li xiangping, a Chinese doctor, pointed out that in the view of traditional Chinese medicine, lotus root cooking in summer mainly has the following two functions:

1. Shengjin: lotus root is a sweet and abundant liquid, which is very good for dry mouth, irritability, constipation, insomnia, etc. It is recommended that people who are thirsty, dry and irritated can use fresh lotus root, sugarcane, water chestnut, pear, and wheat winter to make five juice for drinking.

2. The spleen appetizer: lotus root exudes a unique fragrance, also contain tannins, has spleen anti-diarrhea effect, also can increase appetite, promote digestion, appetizers spleen, help ease day heat stroke, diarrhea, indigestion, poor appetite, etc.

Not only do you know how to relieve the heat and heat the lotus root.

Xiang-ping li TCM doctor said the lotus root in addition to good antifebrile, lotus root raw diets gan cold, have a Yin fluid, runfei cough, spleen yiqi, scattered stasis detumescence, cool blood hemostasis, hangovers, anti-nausea effect; There are seven functions of cooked food, such as nourishing the stomach, nourishing the stomach, nourishing the heart, nourishing the blood, preventing the diarrhea, reinforcing the deficiency of the five organs, and strengthening the muscles and bones.

1. Hemostasis: it contains tannic acid and vitamin K, which has the effect of constricting blood vessels. It is very cold and is often used in cold blood to stop the bleeding. Such as nose blood, hemoptysis, blood in the phlegm, usable fresh lotus root with fresh white thatched root water or the green leaves to fry the clothing.

2. Chemical stasis: ancient books said: “the lotus root juice can eliminate blood stasis.” So the lotus root raw food or ramming juice and wine clothes, can break blood stasis, detoxification and detoxification. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks it stops bleeding and leaves no blood stasis.

3. Runchang purge: lotus root is rich in dietary fiber and mucins, quantity of heat is not high, and can control the weight, helps lower blood sugar, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels, promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. Fresh lotus root ginger juice can also treat intestinal inflammation.

4. Blood: the production of lotus root is rich in copper, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and manganese and other trace elements, protein, vitamin and starch content is very rich also, there are obvious benefit Blood, enhance human immunity function. Especially in tuber food, lotus root has a high iron content, so iron deficiency anaemia is the most suitable to eat lotus root. Lotus root powder is to nourish Yin to supplement blood, and good absorption, for anaemia, easily tired, the person who does not have an appetite to be able to serve lotus root powder, have the effect that fights anaemia, raw blood.

5. Peace of mind: lotus root contains vitamin B (especially B6), which can help reduce irritability, relieve headaches and relieve stress, thus improving mood and reducing the risk of heart disease.

6. Expectorant cough: nowadays, air quality is not good, and fresh lotus root juice can also be used to relieve cough, yellow phlegm, asthma and tracheal inflammation. Hot lotus root tea has the effect of relieving cough and removing phlegm.

7. Anti-aging and anti-cancer: vitamin C and polyphenols in fresh lotus root can improve immunity, delay aging and prevent cancer.

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