Squat for a long time stand up in front of black? Think it’s anaemia? Low blood sugar? The truth is here!

Must have a lot of people have this experience, lying down or squat, suddenly stood up, will start to feel dizzy, eyes blurred, serious when still can have symptoms of syncope, a few minutes back to normal again. This raises the question, is this anemia or hypoglycemia? Or is it a sign of something more serious? Here’s why.


Squat for a long time stand up in front of black? Think it’s anaemia? Low blood sugar? The truth is here!

Orthostatic hypotension does not equal anemia.

Squatting for a long time to stand up dizziness, is the body position change caused by a transient low blood pressure condition, the blood pressure is too low to cause the cerebral blood supply insufficient, can appear the symptom, this and anaemia are completely different! It is known in medicine as orthostatic hypotension, or postural hypotension.

The main reason is because the person is long time squat or sit, the waist and leg are tortuous, the blood cannot move up and down. When a person suddenly got up, the situation of the lower limb vascular compression of the lifted and systemic blood flow quickly to the waist, legs, thus causing the upper body, especially the head ischemia, causes the brain temporarily insufficient blood supply. Due to the head and eyes especially strict with oxygen and nutrients, shall let up, even if the short supply of blood is insufficient, also can make their work breakdown, therefore, there will be blacked out, very dizzy feeling.

Postural hypotension is commonly found in children, frail women, older people, and patients taking a particular drug. But it’s not that postural hypotension is a sign of poor health.

The dizziness is dark and accompanying other symptoms should be vigilant.

Although the majority of people in long crouching arose when darkness at the moment, mostly because the brain moment ischemia, hypoxia, a few people may also be because brain tumor, brain diseases such as cerebral infarction, cerebral thrombosis, or hardening of the arteries caused by inadequate supply, and appear the same symptoms.

If feel behind the absence, dizzy, at the same time, there are strong headache, vomiting, and even the phenomenon such as shake, unlike the usual situation, suggest to consult with a medical professional, or for further check.

How to prevent postural hypotension?

1. When you get up, it’s best to keep your feet slow and don’t stand too fast to allow your body time to react. Not only does it give the brain time to react, it can also avoid many bumps and bumps.

2. Pay more attention to cold, fever, diarrhea and alcohol, and replenish water in time. Although dizziness seems to have no direct relationship with supplemental water, in fact, when the body is full of water, it can speed up the blood flow. Especially the hot weather in summer, easy to sweat, if the body water loss too much and not timely replenishment, will affect the blood flow rate directly.

Squat for a long time stand up in front of black? Think it’s anaemia? Low blood sugar? The truth is here!

Light hydrogen water

3. If you are taking antihypertensive drugs, sedatives and other drugs, you should pay more attention to them. If you stand up, you’d better support the support and avoid sudden collapse.

4. In normal times, we should exercise more, strengthen exercise, strengthen our own constitution to improve immunity, and we need a balanced diet.

Three correct ways to break out.

1. Panic will make people more likely to lose their center of gravity and fall. It is taboo. Try to be calm and keep your center of gravity low.

2. If you wear tight clothes, you can loosen the belt and button first, and relax to help restore the normal state;

3. Don’t make sudden movements after returning to normal, then slowly get up after holding your hands firmly.

Is it true that anemia has nothing to do with hypoglycemia?

Actually not yes, anemia, and patients with hypoglycemia will appear this kind of situation, but with the sudden change of position and there is no direct relationship, but in any case is likely to appear the phenomenon such as dizziness. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between anemia, hypoglycemia and low blood pressure.

If this sudden change in body position causes syncope, it is only once or twice that you don’t have to worry too much. However, if the usual, often accompanied by a pale, weak hands and feet phenomenon, should be timely medical examination, symptomatic medicine, so as not to delay treatment.

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