Some of the food to clean blood vessels, very precious, recommended collection

We all know that high blood lipid hypertension can clog blood vessels at any time, to recommend a few cleaning up the tube of food:


Kelp: Kelp is rich in algae polysaccharide, Kun Busso, can not only prevent thrombosis and can reduce cholesterol, lipoprotein, inhibit atherosclerosis.

Corn: Corn helps the normal metabolism of body fat and cholesterol, can reduce the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels, thereby softening the arterial vessels.

Green tea: Green tea contains polyphenols, can alleviate blood coagulation state, enhance red blood cell elasticity, alleviate or delay atherosclerosis.

Onion: quercetin contained in onions has a magical effect. It can prevent the damage of free radicals to arterial vessels, and make the inner wall of arteries smooth and elastic.

Ginger: Ginger contains ginger oil ketone, ginger phenol and other substances have anticoagulant function. Usually eat some ginger or ginger powder, the blood will remain in good condition.

Black fungus: Auricularia auricula auricularia auricula contains adenine nucleoside, has inhibitory effect of platelet aggregation.

Garlic: Aho in garlic is a natural blood thinner, but it also strengthens the systolic power of the heart and lowers the resistance of the arteries.

Fish: Often eat fish rich in long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, cardiovascular protective effects, especially deep-sea fish, such as salmon, tuna and so on.

Buckwheat: Buckwheat contains rutin, can promote cell proliferation, prevent cell agglutination, the vascular system has protective effect. It can also enhance the elasticity, toughness and compactness of the vessel wall.

Eggplant: Eggplant contains rich vitamin p, has the role of softening blood vessels, but also enhance the elasticity of blood vessels to prevent capillary rupture.

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