Liver cancer: aflatoxin is the culprit.

Chinese academy of medical sciences cancer hospital, director of the liver and gallbladder surgery doctors jian-jun zhao: peanuts and corn are common edible oil raw material, they are rich in starch, but during transport or storage in the damp, moldy, unfortunately become infected with aspergillus flavus, even after extracting process of hot and difficult to get rid of aflatoxin. We cook a meal at ordinary times are generally more than 100 ℃, but aflatoxin need 260 ℃ can degrade, so it is hard to rid of aspergillus flavus. You can pour oil into the oil and add a little bit of salt before the oil is hot, and you can degrade aflatoxin in the process of stirring the salt, to some extent, to reduce the harm to the human body.


When the peanut is “harra”, it must be thrown away, because it is very difficult to remove aflatoxin contamination. Rice is also advised to go with the purchase, not for long, bulk storage. The food is stored in a storeroom or a kitchen, and it is very easy to get moldy when wet, so it is recommended that you seal it.

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