International cancer: big data shows that obesity increases the risk of 18 types of cancer.

In a recent issue of the journal international journal of cancer, zhejiang university, director of the institute of nutrition and food safety Wang Fu an uniqueness team published a paper, large data from 40 million people found that obesity increases the risk of 18 kinds of cancer.


Obese men are more likely to suffer from brain cancer than obese women with colorectal cancer.

Three years ago, wang fook’s team began to set up a database of 325 related prospective cohort studies using BMI as a measure of overweight/obesity. The database covers a sample of 40 million people, with a follow-up period ranging from 4 to 30 years. Among them, 1525052 cases were reported, involving 23 different types of malignant tumor. Such a large database ultimately results in a “positive correlation between BMI and cancer risk”.

It is reported, the study found, endometrial cancer, the incidence of esophageal adenocarcinoma and other 18 kinds of tumor, rise as people get fat and: when the BMI value each additional 5 units, this will increase the risk of 18 kinds of tumor 2% to 48%. When his BMI was increased by five units, it meant that his weight had changed to 85.31 kilograms. It also means he has a 45 percent increased risk of esophageal adenocarcinoma, a 20 percent increased risk of kidney cancer, and an 18 percent increased risk of liver cancer…

The researchers also found that the link between obesity and cancer, men and women are not the same, obese men are at greater risk of colorectal cancer, while obese women are more likely to develop brain and kidney cancers.


Obesity is associated with cancer through hormones and diet.

Obesity is associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc., because obesity increases the problem of heart burden, blood viscosity, blockage of blood vessels, and insulin secretion disorder. So why does obesity increase the risk of cancer?

“We believe that obesity causes a problem with hormone levels in the body, which in turn causes tumors to occur.” Wang Fu an uniqueness explained, “such as BMI increased leading to an increased risk of endometrial cancer, most think it have relationship with estrogen level on medicine, and is easy to cause obesity women estrogen secretion disorder.”

Among these 18 malignancies, hormones are associated with gallbladder cancer, thyroid cancer, postmenopausal breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and pancreatic cancer. In addition, esophageal adenocarcinoma, kidney cancer, liver cancer and gastric cancer are closely related to diet and food varieties, while improper diet can also lead to obesity.

“But the physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms of obesity and cancer are very complex and are not yet fully understood; Therefore, the molecular and cellular mechanism of the relationship between obesity and cancer development and even prognosis is a very important research direction of future medicine and life science. “What we’re going to do next,” said wang, “is that if obese people lose weight, these cancer risks don’t go down.”


Losing weight starts with psychology.

The Chinese academy of sciences (cas) psychologist Dr Han haiying: some fat people have a certain relationship with personality and psychology.

Owl character is easy to eat food taken late at night owl character of serious, responsible, standard, strives for perfection is its advantage, so some mild symptoms, more to the night more energetic to work, or even sleepy force myself to sleep. This leads to the night hungry and appetite, the first selection of high caloric food into food taken late at night, weight will also be a corollary, but obsessive-compulsive disorder often don’t realize this, and therefore difficult to lose weight. In addition to avoiding a late night’s sleep, it is also necessary to correct the excessive pursuit of perfection, allowing the tension of the nerves to relax and avoid compulsive behavior.

Perfectionists struggle for weight and some perfectionist women demand a high, even harsh, weight and body shape. Strict diet will become these weight perfectionist the best way to punish yourself, such as can eat a few mouth, immediately when eat strictly counting calories, and even add too much movement. But this kind of punishment will have a negative effect, eating disorders, uneven repeatedly, will cause the endocrine disorder, which increases thirst for food, therefore, overeating and excessive dieting will again and again.

Therefore, perfectionists learn to accept their imperfections, especially in terms of weight. Learn to enjoy yourself more other parts of the body, and praise your inner quality, so as to maximize the attention to reduce weight, also is the natural ease of his punishment, and make the diet and endocrine balance, keep weight in the normal level.

Good will through feeding lines as helpful and warm-hearted person, emotional, often to show generous warm-hearted side as far as possible, but represses its own demand, amount of negative performance cannot be freed, eat will become the preferred lines. As a result, good samaritans are also prone to obesity. For such a person, don’t over-hide your unhappiness, accept your feelings and your inner weakness, and try to accept the help others have given you when you are vulnerable. If you feel that you have too much energy in your heart to eat, you can try to do it in other ways, such as jogging, playing ball, etc.

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