How does presbyopia get back to normal?

When people arrive at a certain age, they will appear presbyopia. Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon, not a disease, everyone will appear.

However, just as people cannot be rejuvenated, the eye muscle function will not recover automatically after a recession. In other words, it is impossible to improve or disappear. What we can do is to slow down the aging of our eyes.


Ways to improve vision are as follows:

Supplemental lutein

Lutein can help to reduce and delay the aging, degeneration, pathological changes, decrease the incidence of eye diseases and protect the retina from light damage. Common spinach, purple cabbage, carrots, corn contains lutein, can be added to the diet.

Eye Exercises

Eye exercises are done at least 2 times a day to help protect your eyesight.

DHA Supplements

DHA is a major component of the growth and maintenance of nervous system cells and is an important component of the brain and retina. The DHA extracted from deep-sea fish oil is the most suitable for the elderly.


Every night before bedtime, towel soak in 40-50 ℃ of hot water, remove a little wring dry, immediately compress in forehead and binocular area, take off after 1-2 minutes, help to relax the eye muscle.

Once the occurrence of presbyopia, to wear the appropriate degree of reading glasses, to avoid excessive adjustment of the eyeball caused by rapid aging.

In addition, the need to correct everyone one thing is, look at things fuzzy ≠ presbyopia, cataract, glaucoma and other ocular diseases also have blurred vision symptoms. Need to arouse the attention of everyone, once the eyes appear blurred problem, to be diagnosed in time.

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