How do you want to make your skin better?

Morning skin Care steps a few minutes in the morning to take care of all skin steps Whether it is depressed, sad, or busy, has been maintained with a good face, is a mature female necessary self-cultivation, but also the prerequisite for the achievement of perfect skin.


Today, to share the right morning skin care steps for yourself to bring beauty!

Morning Proper skin care steps


Morning Skin Care Step One: Clean According to the skin “current situation” to select the cleansing products.

Usually can prepare two kinds of cleansing degree of different cleansing milk, feel the skin greasy when the use of strong cleaning, and dry use mild.

After cleansing, spray the face with spraying mineral water, then wipe clean with towel, bring refreshing feeling to skin, complete cleansing procedure.

Morning Proper skin care steps

Morning Skin Care Step Two: Makeup Cleansing must be done after the care is to use make-up water conditioning, so that the skin from the neutral state back to weak acidic state.

The key is to choose the right make-up water for your skin condition.

Morning Proper skin care steps

Morning Skin Care Step three: emulsion or face cream Choose according to your skin and season.

Oily skin can choose refreshing emulsion products, dry skin should choose moisturizing cream products, but specifically, also need to judge according to the season.

Morning Proper skin care steps

Morning Skin Care Step four: Isolation cream Often makeup, in the office often face the computer, or out of the intense ultraviolet and dust of the trapped, skin color will yellowing, dark.

Therefore, should use the isolation frost before the makeup, separates the makeup, the ultraviolet ray and so on, protects the skin from the outside factor infringement, avoids the skin premature aging phenomenon.


There are other method steps:

The first step: clean noodles Clean surface can remove too much dead skin, dirt, cleaning pores. More commonly used cleansing products have cleansing milk, facial cleansing gel, cleansing foam, cleansing powder. Facial cleanser is suitable for dry or sensitive skin. Gel, foam or powder suitable for oily, mixed and neutral skin.

Different skin of the crowd to be based on their own skin to choose the cleansing products.

Step Two: Toner The use of toner can effectively shrink pores, moisturizing the skin to fill the water. If you pour on the make-up cotton lightly wipe the skin, but also can wipe away the excess dead skin.

The use of toner can be made with a make-up cotton, you can also use your hands to tap the toner to the face.

Step Three: Eye care Don’t let the eye skin expose your age secret, must pay attention to eye care. Be sure to use special eye care products, eye essence, eye gel, eye cream and so on.

The specific method is to first use the eye essence, plus eye gel or eye cream, with the fourth finger stained with a grain of rice weight, light in the eyes around.

Fourth Step: Essence Various essences can satisfy different skin problems, refreshing gel or liquid to accelerate skin absorption. The use of essential element can be effective whitening moisturizing, oil control, anti-aging.

The specific method is the whole surface coating or only focus on the required parts of the coating, tap to help the essence of absorption.

Fifth step: Moisturizing Face Cream Moisturizing Cream in the use of the essence after use, efficient moisturizing cream can be effective for the skin to replenish water, lock water.

Keep the skin fresh, but also can effectively prevent skin moisture loss.

Sixth step: Sunscreen The last step of sunscreen is essential, especially the outdoor work of women, but also pay attention to prevent the strong ultraviolet damage to the skin, choose sunscreen and other sunscreen products, can effectively prevent skin aging.

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