How about a bad memory? What you eat improves your memory.

Whether life or work, need to use memory, if the memory is poor, not only in life will be abandoned, work efficiency will be much slower. So what if the memory is bad? There is no good way to improve.


What can you eat to improve your memory?

Fish 60% of the brain cells are composed of unsaturated fatty acids, the most important of which is DHA.

DHA is an important component of nerve cells in the brain, which is important for the conduction of brain nerve components and the growth of synapses, which can enhance brain intelligence, memory and concentration. Deep-Sea fish, although nutritious, can also enhance memory, but because of the top of the food chain, the body accumulated too much heavy metal, unfit to eat excessive.

So, any food should be fastidious. What can you eat to improve your memory?

Ii. Walnut It is well known that walnuts have a positive effect on heart health, and walnuts can also help improve memory.

Treat it as a snack, or add to oatmeal, fruit salad, not only delicious, but also to satisfy hunger, improve memory. What can you eat to improve your memory?

Third, oat Oats have always been known as the “brain food”, in addition to low GI (Rose Sugar Index) food, eating after the blood sugar is not easy to rise, oats also contains rich vitamins B, E and mineral zinc and other beneficial brain nutrients. Vitamin E can inhibit the accumulation of purple brown in brain cells, can reduce fatigue, prevent brain decay aging. Zinc is a variety of ingredients in the west, can enhance memory, zinc deficiency will be mentally incompetent.

A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast can provide the brain with a day of energy. What can you eat to improve your memory?

Iv. Bananas Brain cells, unlike other cells, are dependent on glucose and cannot be obtained from other forms of nutrients, while carbohydrates are the main source of carbohydrate. Bananas are not only rich in carbohydrates, but also a large number of pectin, vitamin B.

Pectin can slow the release of glucose, avoid excessive blood sugar fluctuations, vitamin B can promote the full conversion of sugar into energy, help protein metabolism, maintain the normal functioning of brain cells.

Therefore, the office workers can be in the offices of a banana, nothing to eat a root not only refreshing also solve constipation Oh! What can you eat to improve your memory?

V. Sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins B, E, and beta-carotene. Among them, vitamin E content, is brown rice twice times, has the very good anti-oxidation and eliminates the fatigue effect.

A Harvard study suggests that beta-carotene can slow down the mental deterioration caused by age, allowing office workers to maintain a sharper sense of thinking. What can you eat to improve your memory?

Six, milk Mom and dad told us every day for breakfast to drink milk, in fact, not only as a child, adults should also develop the habit of drinking milk every day. Milk is rich in protein and mineral calcium, is an important source of nutrients in the brain.

Protein is the human body composition of raw materials, but also the production of brain cells and nerve transfer substances, one of the important elements, can help brain development, calcium can inhibit abnormal discharge of brain cells, stable mood to promote good sleep, reduce body fatigue, enhance resistance.

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