Four tips to make the white hair “late”

A black shiny hair makes a person look refreshed, add a lot of feminine flavor, and for some brunette women are very helpless and anxious. Experts have warned that hair pigment cells begin to decline from the age of 35, but there are some tricks that can make white hair “late”.


Tip 1: rub your head to improve hair quality. Nanjing traditional Chinese acupuncture doctor li jing, points out some hot and heavy population (such as obesity, and red greasy tongue coating excess oils) are more likely to appear to send qualitative change, such as white hair and dry hair qualitative change, etc. It can improve the quality of hair by massage over the head of the head, the feet of the feet on the foot, and on the upper part of the arm.

Recipe 2: eat more rice porridge to replenish kidney qi. Gansu province second people’s hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of doctor of medical director Wang Shibiao pointed out that the walnut kernel 4, 1 small black beans, black sesame seed 1 small and 1 small black rice, millet, wolfberry fruit, 1 small, yam 2 small pieces, and those are two people. Put these in a bowl in advance, and start the porridge in the evening, then turn off the heat in about 15 minutes and cover with the lid. The next morning, add water, brown sugar, hot two minutes, each morning to eat 1 small bowl.

Tip 3: eat more copper and black food. According to sedon, a professor at the jinzhou medical school in liaoning province, there are mainly nuts (such as melon seeds, walnuts, etc.), dried beans, cereals, poultry and some vegetables and fruits. The highest levels of oysters are found in food, and the liver of seafood such as fish and shrimp also contains more copper. Researchers have found that people who eat seafood regularly have no shortage of copper in their bodies. In addition, should eat the food that nourishes the blood to supplement the kidney with the wu hair, such as black sesame, black bean, black date, black fungus etc.

Recipe 4: eat a light heart to be joyful, inside and outside coordinate conservation. Li jing points out that exposure to the sun, lack of sleep, and stress can lead to changes in hair quality. As a result, office workers should try their best to relieve themselves, to maintain adequate sleep and pleasant mood. Also, try to avoid spicy food. Light diet, regular life, happy mood, with appropriate hair care products, so internal and external coordination, maintenance, beautiful hair can truly show healthy and bright side.

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