Do not forget to cook this step! Or you’re eating toxins!

often the kitchen friends know that we are in When you Cook a menu, there is a step to boiling the water .

But many people in the cooking time because to be quick, will often omit this detail. But they did not know that if they omitted this step, they ate the harmful things when they ate the vegetables.

Because the “boiling water” can remove pesticide residues in vegetables, but also to remove oxalic acid, nitrite and other harmful substances , so must not omit this step. Next, let’s look at which vegetables need to be boiled.


Long beans

This kind of vegetable everybody is very familiar, is the long bean. All have a bean word of vegetables, it is a toxin from the vegetables, such as beans, fresh yellow cauliflower, kidney beans, lentils and so on.

long beans contain saponin and plant blood coagulation, in the case of no ripe, eat down will cause vomiting, nausea and other poisoning. Beans Washing is, wash, remove beans at both ends of the knot, water soak for 5 minutes, and then boiling water for 5 minutes.


Broccoli , which is a more difficult to clean vegetables , because it leaves more miscellaneous, if only simple cleaning, will miss a lot of dead ends, no clean.

So in the cleaning of the need to wash the first time, the second take blisters about 15 minutes. Cauliflower, broccoli this kind of vegetables it has a lot of pesticide residues, so it can not be less this step.


Spinach is a vegetable containing more oxalic acid. In addition to spinach, purslane, amaranth, fresh bamboo shoots, balsam pear, rice stem, etc. are high in oxalic acid content.

Oxalic acid will be combined with calcium in the intestine to form stones. The content of oxalic acid in Bang can be reduced after boiling water. This vegetable should be boiled before boiling, over 5-10 seconds of boiling water, otherwise it will lose a lot of vitamins. the can be cooked after boiling or chilled after cold water.

Toona sinensis

Toona sinensis contains more nitrate and nitrite, which may form harmful substances in the body. and the use hot water to scald Toona sinensis 1 minutes or so can remove more than 2/3 nitrite and nitrate. Therefore, it is best to Shui before cooking Toona sinensis.

In fact, in addition to the water can give vegetables to remove some harmful substances, but also can make some food become more delicious.


Stir fry fungus easy frying pan, but before fry first boil with boiling water can avoid this problem. fungus in the bubble will absorb a lot of water, and the boiling water is conducive to the discharge of moisture.

Therefore, in the FRY when the basic will not appear fryer phenomenon. Need to remind is: The fungus is curly, there are a lot of “small groove”, Zhuo scalded the fungus, into the slip through the drain, to the escape more than a few, to help remove the fungus small groove in excess moisture.


Tofu is relatively soft and tender, cooking fragile, before the pot, with Shui, not only help to remove the smell of beans, but also make tofu tighter, do not easily broken dishes.

Besides, you know what? The little water also has a lot of skills, the following for you to talk about the daily life of the skills of water.

Boiling tips

1. Enough water

The amount of boiled vegetables is at a minimum of not all vegetables , water shortage, will prolong the time of boiling, affecting the texture and taste of vegetables. In addition, once added to the appropriate amount of food, if you want to cook a lot of dishes, the proposal is carried out several times.

2, Bieche too broken

Vegetables cut too broken, easy to lose the original incense, and then after Shui, which vitamins and minerals will be a large loss. Therefore, the should try to keep the vegetable shape intact when cooking.

3, short time

If the vegetables in the water for too long, become boiled vegetables, will affect the color of dishes, incense, taste, also can aggravate vitamin C, mineral loss. In general, vegetables can be fished out with a slight change in color.

4. Add some salt

In the process of boiling vegetables, the water-soluble nutrients, such as vitamin C, B vitamins will be lost to the pot. But if the adds a little salt to the boiling water and brings it close to the solution of saline, the vegetable is in an environment where the concentration of the cell is relatively balanced, and the soluble component of the liquid is slowed down.

But remember not to add too much salt, most of the pot water plus half a teaspoon of salt. In addition, the can also add two drops of oil in boiling water, so as not only to prevent the oxidase damage to chlorophyll, but also to maintain the bright colors of vegetables.

5, cold water cooling

After boiling the vegetable temperature is relatively high, fished out of the water with the air in contact with oxygen, resulting in thermal oxidation, resulting in loss of nutrients, especially for green leafy vegetables is more obvious.

Therefore, the water after the vegetables should be cooled in a timely manner, can be put into cold water, but immediately fished out to avoid aggravating the loss of nutrients.

we usually buy vegetables, many contain pesticides. If we don’t take this step seriously, we’ll eat our vegetables and eat them together. What do you know about these kinds of vegetables that need to be boiled?

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