Crayfish with this kind of food will make you diarrhea

In the summer night the city crayfish is a kind of delicious that we can often see, but whether we know if we eat crawfish when not paying attention to the food collocation is likely to cause crayfish poisoning, now we together to understand about crawfish diet taboo can be nutritional value it!


1, rich in vitamin C food.

Shrimp contains a high concentration of five arsenic compounds, its own harmless to the human body, but if taking a large number of vitamin C, the five arsenic will be reduced to trivalent arsenic, that is, arsenic trioxide, commonly known as arsenic, can lead to acute arsenic poisoning.

Fruit rich in vitamin C: such as lemon, citrus, vegetables rich in vitamin C: tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, etc.

2, tannic acid content more food.

Shrimp meat contains high protein, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients, if with high tannin content of food together to eat, not only will reduce the nutritional content of shrimp, but also will make the calcium and tannic acid combined to produce a difficult to digest the material, leading to vomiting, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

Tannic acid content of fruit: persimmon, grapes, pomegranate, hawthorn, etc. more tannic acid drink: All kinds of tea, tannin content of vegetables: spinach.

3. Other kinds of food that cannot be eaten with shrimp.

1. Pumpkin: Shrimp’s nutritional value is very high, can enhance the body’s immunity and sexual function, Bushen impotence, anti-aging. But shrimp can not eat with the pumpkin, because the same food can cause dysentery (one of the acute intestinal infectious diseases), can use black beans, licorice detoxification.

2. Juice: juice (especially orange juice, pear juice, etc.) contains more vitamin C, it is easy to appear vitamin C overdose poisoning phenomenon.

3. Soy: Soy is rich in protein, the effect of digestion, but and shrimp will cause indigestion and other symptoms.

4. Red JuJube: Red JuJube rich in vitamins, with JuJube and shrimp will make the red jujube in the vitamin will be shrimp or shrimps in the five arsenic trioxide reduced to arsenic trioxide (arsenic), resulting in poisoning.

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