Before going to bed, what taboo does health care need to notice? Do these 6 things before going to bed, will steal your life!

Now people, more and more attention to their own health, so, there are many friends, have learned to use a variety of methods for health.

Some like sports health, some like diet, in fact, are very good.

However, if you want to be healthy and not sick, the small details of daily life should also pay special attention to, for example, some of the taboo before bedtime ignore!

Good sleep can make your body healthier and keep your brain active again.

Can say, sleep is the best health! However, if in the period before bedtime, do a bad thing to sleep, it will cause damage to health!

Then, before going to bed, health care what taboo?


Do these 6 things before going to bed, will steal your life!

The first thing: Eat snacks before bedtime

For some young people, eating snacks is a daily habit, especially office workers, the workload is often overtime to late at night, in the evening accustomed to eat something to sleep.

However, eating late-night snack is very damaging to the body.

First of all, the supper is mostly salty, high fat, low fiber food, eat before bedtime, not only will cause burden on the stomach, but also can cause obesity, to health and health risks.

Second, at night if the mouth is too heavy food, but also make the stomach to produce a burning sensation, resulting in gastroesophageal reflux or constipation, stool drying, indigestion and other problems, thus interfering with sleep.

Therefore, we recommend that you eat dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime, to avoid unnecessary burden on the body.

Second: drink red wine before bedtime

Most people think that red wine can not only beauty, but also promote sleep, so, before going to bed will have a drink!

But in fact, red wine is good, but not suitable for drinking before bedtime.

Although drinking will speed up sleep, it will affect the quality of sleep.Easy to sleep in the process of many dreams, sleep not practical, wake up easy headache, fatigue and so on.

And, drink before bedtime will increase the burden of the liver, and then affect the digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal, so that they are forced to “overtime”, and ultimately bring only to the health caused by damage, as long as the harm is beneficial.

Part Three: Running before bedtime

People who have no time to exercise in the daytime, or insomnia, in order to fall asleep as soon as possible to get used to running at night, run tired home, shower sleep, look forward to using this tired to sleep, but in fact this is often the cause of insomnia.

Running before going to bed causes blood pressure, blood sugar, and the nervous system to be unusually active, so that you can’t sleep. Like the engine, the machine will be very hot after running, and the cooling system takes longer.

Therefore, it is recommended to sleep within 2 hours as far as possible not to run, do not do strenuous exercise, so as to help good sleep!

Fourth: Sleep with Makeup

See this, I believe many people will say, sleep at night of course to wash your face Ah!

But, you know what? There are really a lot of people, in very tired time, directly to the bed on the rest, will not go to wash!

However, such behavior on the skin damage is very serious, especially after make-up does not makeup directly to sleep, resulting in a variety of skin problems!

So, no matter how tired, how busy, please make sure to wash your face after falling asleep!

Fifth: Take gas to sleep

Many people, before bedtime quarrel angry, will immediately fall asleep, in order to “avoid” contradictions!

However, this is very bad for your health!

Because, if in the sleep before the trouble, angry, will lead to QI and blood disorders, will also lead to temporary insomnia.

Not only don’t get angry before going to bed, but also avoid being too excited.

To have a high quality sleep process at night, be sure to control your emotions. Don’t be annoyed by some trifles and affect your sleep.

Have a good mood before going to bed, don’t be angry!

Sixth: Do not brush before bedtime

Do not doubt that life, indeed there are quite a large number of people in the habit of brushing before bedtime!

But, you know, brushing your teeth before bedtime is more important than the morning!

Because, before bedtime brushing, not only can clear the oral cavity accumulates, is advantageous in protecting the tooth, also has the very big help to the stable sleep.

The most important thing is that the toothbrush is clean before bedtime, more effective in preventing heart disease.

Therefore, must avoid the habit of brushing before going to bed!

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