What are the dangers of fast weight loss and excessive dieting?

Fast lose weight, what is the harm of excessive dieting? The first thing you need to know is that excessive dieting is very harmful, the first is the lack of protein, causing brain retardation, memory loss, edema, resistance, and so on, but also damage the body organs, there are a series of health problems.


  Fast weight Loss What are the dangers of excessive dieting

The body protein is consumed

When nutrient absorption is insufficient, the body will preferentially consume the body’s protein rather than the fat! Proteins are not usually completely decomposed to produce free radicals! Free radicals are definitely the culprits of human disease and aging.

As we all know, the basic unit of human body is cell, and the main component of cell formation is protein. Since every organ is involved in protein, when our quality protein intake is insufficient, it will affect the entire body’s function. Skin becomes dark, matte, and prone to aging (collagen loss); Metabolic Disorder, endocrine disorders, acne (enzymes and hormones are not fully produced), resistance to decline (lack of antibodies), lack of serious people will be more edema (osmotic pressure can not be adjusted).

Dieting causes a lack of protein that hinders the brain’s intellectual development and causes memory to decay. If the protein deficiency is serious, there will be fatigue weakness and the degradation of various physiological functions, resulting in muscle weakness and skin relaxation, even due to the decrease in plasma concentration, resulting in edema.

Decline in basal metabolic rate, become fat body

Long-term dieting can lead to a lack of nutrition in our bodies, and the basal metabolic rate decreases in order to maintain normal life. That’s why dieting is a bottleneck.

Easily bounce higher

Everyone says the fatter the fatter. The truth is the “efficacy” of dieting. When the bottle strength can not reduce, many mm will abandon themselves, began to return to normal diet. In this case, the fat cells are suppressed for a long time, just like a tight spring to restore the original elasticity, accelerate growth and expansion. Plus the poor basal metabolic rate of dieting, which makes the fat pile up.



A variety of vitamin deficiencies

Lack of vitamin A can cause gastrointestinal and urinary tract infections, and even affect the reproductive system. Lack of vitamin B can reduce carbohydrate and fat metabolism, easy to obesity . Lack of vitamins can cause the collagen synthesis obstacle, affects the skin elasticity and luster. The body Detox features an impediment. Resistance was significantly reduced.


Because diet causes the deficiency of protein and microelement iron, it is easy to suffer from iron deficiency anemia. Symptoms are pale skin, weakness, dizziness, tinnitus and vertigo.

Cause menstruation not to adjust

Dieting has an effect on menarche and normal menstrual cycle, which may cause amenorrhea, and may lead to the development of genital organs.

Easy to fracture

Thin or excessive diet of women due to low body fat, in the fall of the lack of fat buffer, but also easy to fracture a factor.

  Affect memory

The main motivation for brain work comes from fat, which stimulates the brain, accelerates the brain’s ability to process information, and boosts short-term and long-term memory. Excessive dieters in the body fat intake and storage of insufficient, the body is deficient, this nutrient deficiency causes brain cells seriously damaged, will directly affect memory, become more and more forgetful.

Lower Personal libido

If the carbohydrate intake is inadequate, the body converts the food and the body’s fat and protein into energy for use by the body. Its metabolites will accumulate in the blood, damaging the body’s acid-base balance and making people feel dizzy and headache. After a few weeks, the brain may adjust itself to use ketone as fuel, further causing the body to be acid-base imbalance. Make people feel irritable, depressed, and have a decrease in libido.

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