Is allergy a modern disease? Experts tell you how to prevent allergies

Hay fever, allergic dermatitis, food allergies, asthma, allergic rhinitis, modern people seem to have more or less some kind of “allergic disease.” Japan Allergy Association chairman Hong Benzhao is to be interviewed that the root cause of the growing allergy is the living environment and living habits of modern people.


Shoro said that the cause of allergies is complex, and one of the important reasons is that modern people work and live in a more closed environment, most of the room is equipped with air-conditioning and heating. Human livable environment is actually more conducive to the reproduction of mites and other allergens. This is one of the reasons why the allergic population in developed countries is more large.

In addition, the overall reduction of human immune system, the body of self adaptation, regulation function is insufficient, so the environmental condition “too clean” also can cause allergies. Miyamoto For example, people living in mountainous areas of Africa have been moved to the city after the onset of allergic symptoms, but as long as the return to the original place of residence, allergy symptoms will cured.

Modern fast-paced, stressful lifestyle habits can also cause people to be allergic. Miyamoto said that too much stress, excessive fatigue in the cause of people’s immunity, but also make the parasympathetic nerves out of the continuous active state, thus triggering allergies.

Miyamoto also explains the “cumulative” allergy phenomenon. In fact, a small number of contact allergens usually do not cause a significant allergy, but when the allergy substance in the human body continues to accumulate, easy to cause “explosive” allergy symptoms.

on how to prevent allergies or reduce allergy symptoms, Miyamoto suggested that people should maintain a certain amount of exercise, intake of adequate nutrition, thereby enhancing personal physique. At the same time pay attention to environmental hygiene, timely cleaning mites and other common life allergens. You should also ensure adequate sleep.

“Improve the physique”, “improve the environment”, “improve living habits” not only can effectively control allergy symptoms, but also to prevent a variety of diseases, one more.

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